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Social Marketing Strategies

SocialMarkekingStrategy copySocial marketing involves both interacting and engaging with your target audience, as well as setting up individual webpages on communities including Squidoo and HubPages.com

Squidoo is an exceptionally popular service that allows users to create one-page websites referred to as ‘lenses’.

With Squidoo being an authority website with search engines like Google, each time you build a lens, you are able to rank for specific keywords used within your page’s title and content itself.  It’s a very effective strategy for generating back links and generating traffic to your website.

Squidoo also offers additional modules that you can integrate into your lens pages, including the option to incorporate an opt-in form into your page, so that you can begin to develop an email list of prospects.

You can also earn money from within the Squidoo community based on affiliate commissions generated from the different modules and add-ons that you inject into your lense pages, including Amazon modules, and Adsense.


Another similar service that allows you to develop one-page websites that rank heavily within the search engines is available at www.Hubpages.com

With Hub Pages, you can also earn revenue from different add ons that you decide to implement, but are also able to add tags to your hub pages for better ranking within the search engine.

With Hub Pages, there are a few restrictions in place that you need to pay attention to, including:

  • You are only permitted to feature two external (outgoing) links on each hub that you create.
  • Your content must be unique, (no PLR is permitted).
  • You are not permitted to use excessive tags.

As long as you focus on developing high quality hub pages, you can benefit from the popularity of the Hub community, as well as the back links from each hub page that you create.

Make sure when you create external pages on websites like Hub Pages or Squidoo that you interlink your pages to your main website’s URL.

By cross linking from feeder sites to your main landing page, you will be able to develop a solid back link campaign, quickly and at absolutely no cost.  This is also a very effective method of ensuring your website is indexed by the major search engines, VERY quickly!

There are other free methods of building back links and maximizing your exposure online, including by developing a quick blog on http://www.Wordpress.org and http://www.Blogger.com

Both of these services also carry weight within the search engines, which means that you will be able to increase your outreach just by spending a few minutes developing a single page website that showcases your main website, or your products and services.

Blogger is a great place to make feeder sites.  It’s a free blogging platform run by Google, and pages there can often rank very well in many search engines.

Pages on Blogger aren’t given special ranking privileges by Google simply because they run the site.

But like Squidoo, HubPages, and other similar sites, they have enough pages with backlinks and authority that the overall site seems to get a nice boost.

If you’re going to make a blog to promote your membership site, there are two ways to go about it.

You could either set up a little throwaway blog that you only post a few articles on, linking to your site in each article, or you could try to create an authority blog.

An authority blog is one that you post to fairly regularly, work towards getting a lot of regular viewers, and try to get “authority” status in the search engines.

If you want to create an authority blog, it will be a lot more effective.  Your readers will come to respect you as a real expert in your field, so they will be more inclined to join your membership site.

It’s a great way to get members, just keep in mind that running an authority blog requires a substantial commitment.  You have to post regularly, or it won’t be very effective.

As with other feeder sites, you’ll want to use your keyword you can.  If you can get your keyword in the URL, it’s a very good idea to do so.

If you just want to create quick throwaway blogs for fast search engine traffic, you don’t necessarily have to use unique content.

To the best of my knowledge, Blogger doesn’t have any requirements that say you can’t use PLR, so this is a good way to build feeder sites quickly.

If you want to become an authority blog, I wouldn’t use PLR.  Unique content is a much better idea, even though it takes more time.

By cross linking from remotely hosted pages to your own main site, you will be able to develop a solid back link campaign, quickly and at absolutely no cost.  This is also a very effective method of ensuring your website is indexed.

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Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



WELCOME TAB AND…Lots of apps!

You have your new Fan  Page…now what?

One of the most  powerful custom Facebook fan page approaches is creating a unique landing page  for non-fans. It’s called a lot of names like fan-gated page, a  welcome tab, a  reveal tab – but whatever else you call it, the goal is the same. With a  landing page, you can directly address non-fans with a specific call to action
that will encourage them to like your page. Of course, a simple request may not  always cut it so make an irresistible offer. By liking your page, make sure  that they get something valuable or at least interesting in return. You can  give out a free report, a special discount, show an interesting video about  their interests, and many other possibilities.

Unfortunately, creating a  landing page like this would require quite a bit of programming know-how. It’s  great if your organization has an in-house Web team or a third-party developer,  but if you’re running a small business, you might have little choice but to do  it yourself. The good news is that there are applications and special software  that simplifies the process of creating a custom Facebook landing page and I’ll  give you some ideas shortly.

So, let’s consider adding to your  Facebook Page a custom Welcome Page, I’ll call it a Welcome tab. You may have seen these Welcome Pages as  you have surfed Facebook. They are the tab that you land on that
may encourage you to Like the Page  before you get to the Wall. My Welcome Page.

Again, they can be as simple as an image that tells you  more about the business or they can be more complex with a second  image or  information below the first image  known as “Fan-only” content or a  reveal tab.

Custom tabs are key to welcoming
your potential fans, telling them more about your business, and converting
them into new “Likers”.   In fact, informal studies have  been done that you can increase your Like conversion by 50%
by just having a custom Welcome tab.

How do you create these custom tabs?  You can create them with an iFrame
application. You can build your own
iFrame application but the easiest
way to go about it is to use one of the 3rd party  iFrame applications already
available. Here are some of ideas that can help you create  your custom tab.                   JJ Duling International, Inc. Welcome Tab

  • The  Involver  website has a number of great apps and their Static HTML app can be used easily  to develop a free Welcome tab.  A little  HTML knowledge is needed.
  • The Wildfire iFrame  app is currently free  and also works very well.  It’s easy to  install and has Fan-only content  capability.  You can use an image as your Welcome Page or  if you want to get fancy, you can do some HTML programming.
  • Lujure is another iFrame  app that is easy to use  if you don’t know coding  with their drag-and-drop design area. Their  free option comes with one tab and they have the fan-only content capability. Install this application directly from their website.
  • Pagemodo  is very easy to use if you want  to have multiple images and don’t know anything about  coding.
  • TabSite  allows you to create multiple  tabs within your custom tab so that you can create a mini-website. You will design  your custom tab on their website and then load  it onto your page.

There are some other options as  well, just check around. (See below).

Once you add a custom tab, make  sure you set it as the Default  Landing Tab that non-fans land on.  Once someone Likes your Page, they will always land on your Wall ever after.  To set your Default Landing tab, click the Edit Page button in the upper right corner,  you will land on the Manage  Permissions tab of your Page

Dashboard, select the drop-down menu next to Default Landing Tab and select  the name of the custom tab you installed. Depending upon the application, you  may want to rename it to Welcome.

Then next thing to consider  to brand your Page is to increase the size of  your profile picture.  Your  Profile picture can be up to 180 pixels wide by 540 pixels  tall and you should use this  valuable real estate.  In one  of my Facebook Pages pictured above,  you can see I featured my website and blog.   You might also consider telling people  to connect on Twitter in your profile picture.   You may want to include your services; I choose to put mine in the main  section.  The opportunities are  numerous!  You can see that Kraft Macaroni  and Cheese uses it to remind people to click Like.

If you have a designer, this  can be done easily.  If you need a  designer, you can find inexpensive ones  through  www.elance.com  or www.odesk.com or just ask your social media  connections for a good referral.

Once you have your new profile  Picture, you can upload it and adjust  it by following these steps:

  • Click the Edit  Page button in the upper right corner of your Page.
  • Select Profile Picture from  your Page dashboard.
  • Click the Choose file button to find your new Profile picture.
  • Once  it is uploaded, then underneath the  picture, click the Edit Thumbnail link to select the portion of the picture you would  like displayed next to your posts.

You may want  to add some additional Apps to  jazz-up your Facebook Page. Here is a list of some Apps, select the ones that make sense for your business:

NetworkedBlogs.  This application will import your blog automatically  into your Wall whenever you have a new post.

RSS  Graffiti.  This  application will import any RSS feed into your wall.

Social RSS.  Social RSS allows you to add your blog/favorite  RSS feeds to your wall, boxes tab or a dedicated tab on your profile or Facebook Page. It updates automatically and lets your readers subscribe to the
feeds if they wish!

Payvment E-Commerce  Storefront.  Launch a professional full-featured e-commerce storefront on Facebook. Features built-in search enabling millions of Facebook users to discover your storefront and products. Plus the storefront and shopping cart supports over 20 world currencies.

Causes.  Use this application if you are a non- profit. You can raise money for your cause within Facebook.

MarketPlace.  This application is used by Realtors, Car Dealers and Apartments to list homes, cars and apartments.  It also is used to list other things for sale and has job listings.

Booshaka.  This application shows a list  of all your top Fans by how much they interact with you.

Fan  of the Week. This app automatically picks a Fan of the Week based on interaction and posts the message about the new  Fan each week.

Easypromos.  Easypromos is an  application to add promotions to your Facebook page. Manage and customize your own promotions. Create exclusive promos for your fans and launch competitions  for your users and let them vote for the winners.

Hy.ly Welcome Tab.  Build your FANBASE. Get your 1st  time visitors to “Like” your Page. Design and publish your Welcome Tab in  minutes. No FBML or HTML required.

eSocialStore.  eSocialStore is a special Facebook application for HemenAl e-commerce platform members to transfer their products to transfer fan pages.

Poll. This is the premier polling application on Facebook. Create polls for your Facebook pages and personal profile pages. Very simple and easy to use. Check it out!

PostHelpers.  PostHelpers lets organizations  take control of their Facebook Page. Fans see news and deals that they can  easily share on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Wazala. Online store for your social profile, blog or website, sell physical or  digital goods, no need to be a design or code guru. You must first signup for  an account on wazala.com and then you can publish your store to your Facebook profile or pages.

Selective Tweets.   Choose when to update your  Facebook status from Twitter by ending your tweet with #fb

SlideShare.   SlideShare is the world’s largest  community for sharing presentations. Upload your presentations, documents,  PDFs, add mp3 audio to make webinars or embed Youtube videos into them. You can also import your SlideShare.net presentations into Facebook.

Promotions. Promotions for Fan Pages is a  Facebook verified application for companies & agencies to run branded  interactive promotions on Facebook Fan Pages. Promotion formats include:  sweepstakes, contests, coupon giveaways, instant wins, gifting, quizzes, etc.

Coupons. Coupons for Fan Pages enables companies & agencies to easily create & launch branded coupons &
giveaways on Facebook Fan Pages within minutes.

HootSuite. HootSuite is the professional  Twitter client. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Ping.fm profiles, pre-schedule messages, and measure your success.

LinksAlpha.com.  Automatically publish your  content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo, Identi.ca, Yammer…30  Networks.

Discussion  boards by Facebook Discussion boards allow people to get their ideas out into the open. Discussion boards let  you know exactly what your customers and others think and want. Get the  conversation started now!

Contact Tab.  Contact Tab is an application for  Facebook Fan Pages. You can easily show your contact information and business location through Bing or Google Maps.

Checkin Map for iPhone and iPad.  Checkin Map is an interactive Facebook Places browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Checkin Map notifies you when your friends check in, so you’ll know if they are in the neighborhood!

Survey.  Create your surveys and add them to your Fan Page. Simple and Easy!

App Builder.  Create your own Facebook App without knowledge of any programming language in few minutes and it’s completely free.

Birthday Calendar.  Over 45 million users enjoy remembering birthdays, holidays and special  events with Birthday Calendar. Its ease of use and convenience combined with the best ecards and virtual gifts from American Greetings makes celebrating fun!

weChat.  WeChat — Live video chat on Facebook! Start live video chats with your online friend.

Extended Info.  Tired of the usual fields, such as Activities, Interests, and About Me? Add extra fields of your choice (with videos, images, music, and HTML) to your profile with the Extended Info application.

Go! Chat.  Go! Chat lets you chat with your friends via Facebook chat

Welcome Tab for Pages. Welcome, Twitter, News, Exclusive, Poll custom tab apps by Tradable Bits. Create social
interaction for your Page or Places to increase your fan base using YouTube video, images, survey, photo, promotions, promo, discount and business sales. No FBML

Contact Tab. Contact Tab is an application for Facebook Fan Pages. You can easily show your contact information and business location through Bing or Google Maps.

Desktop Notifications.  For Mac OS X, Adds Notifications to your desktop, alerting you when interesting activity happens on Facebook.

Most Mutual Friends.   Know with whom you share maximum mutual friends

YouTube Video Box.   Share your favorite videos on your profile and Facebook pages. Easily find videos,
add them to your favorites and share with friends. Additional features include viewing your friend’s favorite videos and synchronizing your YouTube.com account.

TheFacepad. The best & easiest way to use Facebook on the iPad!

My Top Fans Pro.  My Top Fans Pro analyzes your interactions between your friends and you and calculates which are the friends that share with you the most.

Circle of Moms.  Circle of Moms is the best online resource for moms. Create a close-knit  circle of the moms (mums) you trust, build an share an archive of your  children’s stories and photos, and connect with millions of like-minded moms 24/7.

Hallmark Social Calendar.  With a single click, follow birthdays of all your Facebook friends,  holidays of 200+ countries, Facebook events, upcoming movies and more. Get  reminders and send or schedule the coolest Hallmark greetings. It’s FREE. 16 million+ users.

Display YouTube Videos by Keyword for Your Page.  By installing this app, Fan Page Owners can set the search word query and display a tab that shows the You Tube videos that matched the keyword query. The ‘share’ feature gets new users to come to your Fan Page to view the videos.

LiveGO.  LiveGO is an all-in-one solution that enables Internet users stay  connected to their social networks as Facebook and Twitter accounts , Instant Messengers as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk, and email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!

Favorite Pages.  Favorite Pages displays your favorite pages on your profile, either on  wall or tab.

Send a Free SMS.  Send Free SMS in all Countries

Finally, you might want to head over to www.Involver.com for some more  great app choices.  They have a YouTube  application and a Twitter application that  will import information from those social media  sites into tabs on your Facebook Page.

Lots of apps!


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



Your Work is Your Service…

God's Work“I thought that you had to be in full-time Christian work,” said my close friend as we were driving. “I didn’t realize that,” he went on. I responded, “Every single person who has followed the will of God in their life is in
full-time Christian work.” God calls some to the mission field, others to be accountants, and others to be business executives, and still others to be construction workers. The fact is that God never made a distinction between sacred and secular. In point of fact, the Hebrew word “avodah” is the root word having the same meaning of “work” and “worship.” God sees our work as worship.

We have inaccurately elevated the role of the Christian worker to be more holy and committed than the person who is serving in a more secular environment. Yet the call to the secular workplace is as important as any other calling. God has to have His people in every field of life. Otherwise, many would never come to know Him
because they would be separated from the general public.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24

It is unfortunate that there is a belief held by many in the body of Christ that says “If I’m not doing something that has an essential spiritual value, then it has no value at all.” This sacred/secular dichotomy impacts believers’ everyday as they go into their secular workplace. They believe that their secular work is simply a means of supporting the “real” ministry carried out by local churches,ministers, missionaries, and vocational ministries.

Yet again, this has no biblical basis. Some of the most important leaders in the early church had secular jobs.
And, they did not see them as jobs only to support other ministry. They regarded and considered their own jobs as a ministry.

Think about Tabitha, who was a clothing manufacturer who was “abounding with deeds of kindness and charity, which she continually did.”(Acts 9:36)

When Tabitha died it was immediately brought to the attention of Peter which tells us she was very important to the early church leaders. “Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Tabitha had made while she was still with them” (Acts 9:39). Tabitha was known equally for her business as well as her ministry among the people. However, she was about to be known for being raised from the dead!

“Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, ‘Tabitha, get up.’ She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up. He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called the believers and the widows and presented her to them alive. This
became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord” (Acts 9:40-42).

What type of ministry in the workplace do you suppose Tabitha had after this event? Tabitha is a splendid
reminder for every worker in the secular marketplace that “He repays man according to his work, and makes man to find a reward according to his way.”

That brings me to a spiritual principle I find few others really understand. The principle is this: When you focus on serving others, your need is often met through God’s supernatural law of serving.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter 4:9-11).

I’ve seen this happen so often. The law of sowing and reaping comes into play in this principle. “Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love.”  (Hos. 10:12). “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” (2 Cor. 9:6-9)

Whenever God calls me to serve another person (on occasion through my work and frequently outside my work) with my time and resources, I notice how God measures resources back to me from unrelated sources.  Sometimes it comes through an unexpected opportunity, an unforeseen gift, or simply an unsolicited business
engagement. It is uncanny how this happens consistently when I serve others.

We are all in missions. Some are called to foreign lands. Some are called to the jungles of the workplace. Wherever you are called, serve the Lord in that place. Let Him demonstrate His power through your life so that others might experience Him through you today and see your vocation as worship to His glory.

Bear in mind, we don’t serve others to get. However, when you do serve others, there is a Kingdom principle that works on your behalf as fruit of your service.

Is there someone you could serve today through your work?


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



Birds of a feather…..

Twitter is a social media site that permits you to post short, concise status updates, or “tweets,” regarding important  information about your business. As a business proprietor, tweets are an  excellent method to spread your message about promotions, coupons, company  policy updates, industry news and business changes, and even to ask for  feedback and input through your customers.

Although Twitter is not a new form of social media, it’s recently become obvious that you need to have a well thought-out Twitter strategy for your business. Why is a Twitter strategy so important?

Simply Stated Twitter Has the Traffic

It’s a well-known internet axiom: “Go where the traffic is.”

Every day, 250 million tweets are sent out on Twitter. That’s now well over the 1 billion tweets per week  reported in March! There are 50 million daily active users.

The sheer number of people using Twitter makes it a very strong platform to be on.

Twitter Is a Multi-Featured Business Tool

There are many different approaches to using Twitter. Unlike other marketing tools which just have one use (i.e. Facebook Ads; AdWords = Generate traffic), Twitter can be used for many things.

  • It can be used to get new people into your prospect
    funnel. People who’ve never heard of you will discover you and your products
    when someone retweets a tweet from you that they liked.
  • Twitter can also be used as an excellent follow-up
    tool to current customers.
  • Twitter is an easy and less conspicuous way
    to get people who wouldn’t normally give away their email address to stay in
    touch.  Most would feel very comfortable following
    you on Twitter instead.
  • Business Events and Conventions will often
    have their own Twitter feeds and that can be a very powerful way to participate
    with your ideal target market.
  • Twitter can also be used as a Public Relations
    salvage tool. If there’s ever a PR emergency, such as a bad rumor circulating,
    it can be addressed instantaneously with Twitter instead of using other methods
    that take a lot longer.
  • Twitter can be used to actively projecting your brand. Twitter is perhaps the only avenue where blasting out your brand regularly is not only accepted, but encouraged.
  • Twitter’s search capabilities make it easy to determine what other people are saying about your company, your market and your competitors. It can be an extremely powerful research tool.

People Have Different Communication Preferences

Your customers have a lot of choices in how they stay in touch with your company. They can just bookmark your site and come back when they want. They can give you their email. They can follow your RSS. They can join your Facebook Page or GooglePlus. Or they can follow you on Twitter.

The reality is that everyone has different preferences on how they want to be communicated to. There is a very, very large audience on the internet that prefers Twitter over just about every other medium.

The idea isn’t to use Twitter to replace other mediums. The idea is to give your customers the medium they prefer. If they like Twitter and prefer to follow content through Twitter rather than other means, it’s usually in your best interest to let them do so.

Twitter has the traffic, has many compelling business uses and has a strong following of people who prefer to get updates via Twitter rather than any other means. Just about any business owner should seriously consider
building a Twitter strategy for their business.

Define Your Goals

As with any type of marketing plan, marketing through social networking outlets such as Twitter is partially a numbers game. The more followers you’ve got, the more popular you then become, and the more your  business’s online reputation grows. In part, that makes sense.  The important thing to remember when it comes to how many followers you have is quality over quantity. There’s no point having 2,000 or even 20,000 followers if none of them care about the services offered by your business.

At the outset, you’ll need to decide what you want to accomplish with your Twitter account. As we mentioned, there are many different uses for Twitter, including customer service, sales, marketing and promotion of a particular brand. It can be tempting to sign up just because it’s expected of you, however if you don’t have a clear aim for your Twitter account, it couldpromote a negative image of your company to prospective clients.

You should also decide whether you have one account for your entire business, or several individual accounts for staff within your company. One account is easier to control; however having several individual accounts can lend a personal touch to your tweets, which is important to engage clients.

Connect With the Correct Audience

There are so many businesses and individuals using Twitter that it can be difficult to know where to start. Again, the important thing to remember when it comes to how many followers you have is quality over quantity. Following your staff, as well as colleagues in related industries, is a good start. After that, you can also follow relevant brands, journalists and even your competitors.  It’s polite to follow people, and it can lead to more followers for you in return.

Create Your Reputation

It’s good to tweet regularly, and provide information which is specifically about your business. However, it’s not a good idea to only tweet about your company, remember it is a social network. If “your company” is all they see, they may lose interest. Providing useful information, opinions and links is a good idea to keep people engaged. Giving your followers relevant things to read regularly will make them all the more likely to be
interested in your promotions when they happen.

Interact With Your Customers and Prospects

It is important to have a conversational approach to your Twitter account. It shouldn’t sound too “business-like”, or your clients may find it tough to identify with you. Individual Twitter accounts can facilitate this, as well as the promotion of items which sometimes aren’t directly related to your business. The more your customers and prospects feel they can interact with you, the longer they will continue to follow you and the more likely it is they will suggest you to their friends.

Listening to your followers is equally important, as well as remembering to retweet when someone talks about your business. You don’t want your entire feed to consist of only retweets, although by writing short responses to each one you can keep things fresh and original.

Be Avant-garde

Many businesses have already used Twitter in interesting, innovative ways to engage with their customers. An internet marketing company gives away a free eBook when you follow them, a publishing company created an
alternate reality game, a drinks company in America allowed their customers to choose a new flavor, and several businesses reward their customers when they mention them in their tweets. There are lots of different ways for your business to engage with their followers, so it’s worth thinking outside the box when it comes to working out strategies for using Twitter.

Twitter isn’t just a social network or a tool for consumers, but can be yet another powerful tool for building goodwill and gathering intelligence for promoting your company.

The idea is to give your customers the medium they prefer.

Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with