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THE CORE – Starter’s Series IV

optinLet me describe briefly one of the most underutilized aspects of a web business, but perhaps the most potent and easy to use. It can be virtually automated and can quite simply make the difference between your success and your failure.

Got your attention yet?

When doing business online, you absolutely must take advantage of the strategy I call the CORE – Carrot, the Opt-in and the Relationship Enhancer.

Here’s how it works…


The Carrot:

Whether it is your website or blog, you offer something enticing to all your visitors. It can be special report or eBook packed with must-have secrets about your niche, or simply an ’email course’. It must be a mouth-watering offer, presented professionally and attractively. Continue reading »

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Info-Product Creation

Infoproduct Creation6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Info-Product Creation

Many people have a dream of starting their own business but few ever follow through with those aspirations. This is typically because the person doesn’t know which business to start and even when the idea does present itself, the entire process seems much too difficult to undertake without expert help. However, as the following six points will soon reveal, anyone can succeed with info-product creation with a little know-how and a lot of drive.

1.    Easy To Do

With a good idea and enough market research, anyone can write a book, film a video or record a webinar that sells like hotcakes.

2.    No Capital Required

You don’t need to get a loan, attract investors or save for years to start your own info-product creation business. You simply need to get started using the free and low-cost tools available online.

3.    More People Buying Them

People all over the world are gaining an acceptance of info-products and many now hold e-books in the same light as hand-held physical books. That is good news for anyone wonder if info-product creation is even in high demand. It definitely is.

4.    Get Started Right Now

You only need an idea and you can get started writing your e-book or filming your video tutorial series right away. Try starting a physical product creation business right away and you will soon see what frustration is truly all about.

5.    Unlimited Potential Continue reading »

Your Own Site – Starter’s Series Part III

How to Creat your Own siteFor those of you who pursue the affiliate route, there is a follow-up question I get repeatedly …

“Jerry, do I really need a site of my own? Since I got a free website address with the last affiliate program I joined. Can’t I just use that?”

My answer is forever the same…

No matter what you plan to do online, you absolutely will need your own custom web site. And don’t be concerned, you can accomplish this sometimes intimidating feat without paying big bucks.

The total cost of setting up a superb, custom web site can be less than a hundred bucks and some of your time. Once your site is up, the only ongoing costs are monthly web hosting charges averaging $5 – $15 dollars per month, plus yearly domain fees of $15 or less. Now that’s pretty inexpensive to start your business!

So, here’s an outline of the website building process.

Step 1. You know by now I like Mind Maps – no matter what – write something down on paper.

Write down what you want to talk about at your website. Don’t worry about the actual look right now, just figure out what your basic web pages will be about. A few examples would be a Home page containing lots of great content about your main topic, a Sales page for your best product or service, an About page that describes your company or yourself, a Contact page with contact information and perhaps a Free Info page that offers free information about your area of expertise.

Step 2. Now let’s get on your computer.

Once you have a fundamental idea of what your site will contain, we can now take that information from step one and enter it into your computer. There are several ways to do this. If you are a programmer – well you are likely not reading this – so let’s consider the easier methods. Continue reading »

Keywords and Domain Names: What They Have in Common

Domains and KeywordKeywords and Domain Names: What They Have in Common

Reselling domain names can be a highly lucrative business, as long as you understand it. Buying a bunch of domains without doing any research and hoping they will sell is a sure-fire way of losing your investment and abandoning your new venture. As with any business, you really need to understand how domain speculation works before you jump in feet first.

As you can imagine, one of the most critical aspects of domain reselling is choosing the right domain name. In domain speculation, domains are your products. This means that you need to find products people want to buy and while there are many strategies you can employ, one is likely well known to you, namely keyword research.

Think like an Internet Marketer

If you’ve spent even a little time online researching internet marketing, you’ll likely already know that a critical aspect to succeeding is finding the right keywords. If you find high traffic keywords with low competition, then you are set because ranking highly in the SERPs will be very easy. So, what does this have to do with reselling domain names? Continue reading »

Maximizing Your Kindle Publishing Profits

KindleBooksMaximizing Your Kindle Publishing Profits

Amazon helped increase the popularity of the eBook exponentially with the Kindle wireless reader. This little gadget made reading eBooks much easier due to its portability as well as allowing people to access any books they wanted virtually instantly. As such, the Kindle has spread all over the globe and its popularity is still growing by leaps and bounds. This makes the Kindle publishing system an ideal platform for anyone looking to make money online.

However, as with any system, though Amazon makes life as easy as possible and gives you all the tools you need to succeed, including a platform where millions of people can purchase your book, there are still steps you can take to maximize your profits.

Succeed with Kindle Publishing by Writing a Good EBook

Whether you are writing a fiction or non-fiction eBook, if you want to succeed and maintain that success, you need to make sure you write a great eBook. People don’t want to read bad books and, since customers can leave reviews, if your content is poor then people will say so and you will lose a lot of potential customers. Additionally, the customers who purchased your eBook will avoid buying anything written by you in the future, which means you’ll be losing a lot of money.

Conversely, by writing an excellent book, people will want to read more of your work and will actively seek out other books you’ve written. Thus, if you really want to succeed with Kindle publishing, then you need to create an amazing eBook, which will mean great reviews and lots of repeat buyers and that’s exactly what you want. Continue reading »

What To Sell? Starter’s Series Part II

Sell or FindWe discussed finding a niche a few days ago. As soon as you’ve found a niche market in your area of interest, the next step is to create or find a product or service to sell. It is pretty obvious that when you are deciding what you’re going to sell online, you can choose from two strategies – create or find – or choose both…

Creating a Product or Service

Selling Existing Products and Services

While I believe that creating your own product or service gives most small businesses the best chance at success, it does takes a bit longer. Let’s do a broad-spectrum review of each of our options.
Creating Your Own Product or Service

I prefer the creating products strategy since it gives me complete control over exactly what I sell and how much profit it yields.

I typically market information and services. I create my products and services based upon knowledge and research.  Using my laptop and mostly free software, I then shape them into many different marketable formats including print books, eBooks, software, member sites, and advertising services.

If you have information to share, or have the ability to research and gather information on a niche topic (and we all have that ability!), you can earn money using this model. For centuries, people have been making money providing information and related products and services, and this reality will continue forever.

It all boils down to helping people save time and money.  You provide a product or service that allows them the option to avoid learning something the hard way – through research of their own. Essentially, you do the research, or share what you already know, and sell the help people need. The bigger the need for your specialized information or services, the higher prices you can demand. Continue reading »

Going Into Business Selling Domain Names

Domain sellingGoing Into Business Selling Domain Names

Domain names are the equivalent of real estate online. They represent the street address of a website and, as such, are highly valued. And, like real estate, they have become a valuable commodity that can be traded for a significant profit, especially if you know what you are doing.

If you’ve decided to go into business selling domain names because it seems to be easy and you can make a fortune, you might want to rethink your strategy a bit. Yes, domain speculation can be highly lucrative but at the same time you can end up stuck with a bunch of domains you can’t sell, so there is quite a bit of risk involved as well. So, how can you increase your odds for success?

Research the Business and the Market

Information is power and in the game of selling domain names it can make or break you. The more you know Continue reading »