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Back-End Sales- Starter’s Series VII

Profit with backend salesAs an online business owner you should give serious consideration to your use of back-end offers.

A back-end offer is simply a product or service that is suggested to your customers after they have already purchased something from you. Some back-end offers are presented immediately after your customer makes a purchase. Others are “trickled” out to them via follow-up emails and special sales or new product announcements.

The back-end offer should supply the answer to the question “what’s next?” It should be related in some way to the original product, and the most successful back-end products are higher-priced accessories that make it simpler, easier, or better for the buyer than simply having the original. Simply, a back end product should further enhance the original product.

Back end sales are much easier to make than an initial sale, since you have already acquired a willing customer. In fact, once you have a series of back end products that yield consistent revenue, you may even be able to afford to take a loss on the initial sale.

For example, take a look at the infomercials on late-night television. Many of these actually lose money initially. However, you will then be sold a variety of add-on items to make the first product work more effectively or efficiently, and will be sold a subscription offer, vitamin plan, etc…  This is very lucrative.

To be honest, I really dislike a lot of the back-end tactics they use on those infomercials. I realize why they use them — they are very profitable — but I always get the feeling they’re trying to squeeze me dry.

As a result I decided a long time ago to take a more relaxed approach to back-end sales. And fingers crossed…it has worked very well for me.

I’ve compiled a list of the important aspects of back-end sales that have served me well over the last few years. If you do any sort of business online, you need to give serious consideration to both what you offer on the back-end and how you offer it. Continue reading »

Promote Your EBook to Maximize Your Kindle Publishing Profits

Kindle PublishingPromote Your EBook to Maximize Your Kindle Publishing Profits

Many people complain that they’ve written an eBook and used the Kindle publishing system to publish their book but have only made a few sales. They claim that it’s impossible to make money with Kindle publishing when that simply isn’t the truth. The main problem is that many authors aren’t prepared to do what it takes to actually generate sales for their eBooks, namely to do a little marketing and promotion.

Using the Kindle publishing system certainly will help you by giving you access to Amazon’s huge pool of customers, but with so many eBooks for sale, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This means that simply publishing your book and waiting for it to sell without taking a proactive approach and marketing it is the biggest mistake you can make, especially since there are many free promotional strategies you can take advantage of.

Maximize Your Kindle Publishing Profits with Reviews

Getting reviews is something that is critical if you want to succeed with Kindle publishing. This is because reviews act like word-of-mouth advertising and carry a lot more weight than any other form of promotion. No matter how great your book is, how cheaply you’ve priced it or how amazing the cover is, people will be reticent to buy it, if it doesn’t have any reviews or if the majority are negative.

You can use numerous tactics to get reviews, including giving away free copies of your book. However, make sure you explain to people that you are looking for honest reviews. Just as a book with all bad reviews will make people suspicious, so too will one that has only positive reviews.

Amazon isn’t the only place you want to get reviews of your book. Depending on the niche you are in, you can contact well-known bloggers and offer them a free copy of your book for a review on their site. This can be an extremely effective approach, allowing you to gain many more customers than if you were to limit yourself to Amazon. Continue reading »

Video Marketing 101

Video Marketing 101Video Marketing 101

Small businesses are quickly discovering the effectiveness of video marketing as a marketing tool.  YouTube is leading the way to online video viewing and the amount of web traffic to their site is only expected to increase in the future.  It’s safe to say that video advertising is here to stay.

There is really no better way to build a strong, personal connection with your prospective customer base.  Videos help increase knowledge about your products, establish you as an authority in your industry, and help build trust amount prospects and clients alike. If you are looking to enhance your online visibility and get a leg up on the competition, these tips will help set you on the right path.

Video Marketing-Getting Started

Your overall marketing strategy will help you determine the best way to approach your video advertising campaign.  Be sure to set specific goals as well as a way to determine the success of your efforts.  A good place to start is by adding a video to your homepage.  This video should be used to welcome viewers and give a short introduction to your company and services.  Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to take the time to make an effective video.

Next, you should focus on your about me page, and don’t let the name fool you… it should really be about them!  Discuss the benefits customers receive for choosing your services or products.  Focus on your viewer and tell them what you can do for them to solve the problems that he or she is currently facing.  Keep it short and to the point.

Tutorial Series

Another popular use of video marketing is to create a tutorial series to showcase your expertise.  Create a short series of about 90 second videos and share your best tips and techniques.  Post these videos on your YouTube account or even your own website.  This is a quick an easy way to establish trust and credibility with your target market.

Interacting With Your Customers

With so much video content online today, it is important to keep your video marketing campaign engaging and compelling.  The best way to set you apart is to stick to relevant topics and keep a fun and entertaining tone.

Showing yourself on camera creates a personal connection with your viewers and is one of the best tactics for showing off your services and know-how.  You can also use off-camera screen casting for instructional videos or product demos.

If you are looking for a great free resource for Video Marketing have a look at Master The Art Of Video Marketing.


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How Well Do You Know Your Video Marketing Audience?

How Well Do You Know Your Video Marketing Audience?

For video marketing to be truly effective, you must know your audience inside and out. How can you create compelling videos if you have no idea what compels your audience? For video marketing to work and for you to sell out and earn more from each video marketing piece you create, you must engage in lots of market research. If you don’t know your audience and you just start creating videos on a whim, you’re not going to go very far. If you delve into the minds and ambitions of your prospects and customers, however, you’ll soon see just how effective video marketing can be.

What Does Your Audience Want?

The first goal of a video marketer, or of any marketer for that matter, is to find out what the audience wants and needs. What goals are they trying to reach? What is holding them back? What problems are they facing? Once you find this information out, video marketing will become that much easier. One of the best ways to find out what your audience is into is to monitor some popular forums and social networks in your niche. Continue reading »

How to Get Website Traffic- Starter’s Series VI

Website TrafficGetting website traffic is an ongoing chore that requires regular and ongoing maintenance. While you’ll find lots of details on some great strategies within our site, in this discussion I want to go over some of the basic strategies that work quite well.

As a marketer who has chosen to spend very little on advertising, I to utilize only the most effective low-cost and no-cost traffic sources available online. I’m happy to share those traffic sources with you so you can try them yourself. They all work very well and cost very little if anything…

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

The search engine Google.com, the web’s top search engine delivers a high quantity of high-quality traffic to my sites. There are no big tricks to top ranking either, at least not any that will work in the long term. By using the SEO strategies detailed within (SEO, Improve Traffic), you’ll be able to properly optimize your site with the right keywords for your niche. The rest happens by getting quality links to your site from other sites. The more quality links you attain, the better the ranking your site receives. It’s that simple. Continue reading »

8 Steps for Better YouTube Video Marketing

VideoMarketBy the end of 2013 around 90% of web traffic will be driven by video marketing. If you want to take your YouTube video marketing pieces past the competition and you really want to ramp up your view counts, listen up. The following eight steps are taken right from the experts and the techniques they use to garner far more attention for their brands, products and services.

Step 1: Plenty of Research

Before you can create compelling video marketing pieces, you must know what makes your audience tick. What are their ambitions, goals and common problems? This information will help you create videos that make a true impact with your prospects and customers.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Research is such an important aspect of video marketing that we’re going to mention it twice. You must learn the hot keywords your audience is using to solve their problems and reach their goals. You will use these keywords to optimize your videos once they’re published online. In addition, when you use the appropriate keywords in your title, you are more likely to show up on search engines when people are searching for your topic. Continue reading »

5 Types of Video Marketing That Will Have Your Audience Ready to Spend

Video marketing can be fun and exciting if you learn to switch it up. You will also appeal to your audience a lot more if you are able to create videos that are varied instead of creating the same videos time and time again. To help give you some ideas, here are five types of video marketing that will help you reach your target audience much faster.

  1. The Face-To-Face: This is where you film yourself talking to your audience. This can be effective if you have a simple message to deliver and you want to do it quickly. This is probably the easiest type of video to create since you need nothing more than a video camera or mobile phone camera to create your various pieces.
  2. Film At 11: This is the newsroom type of video marketing. This is where you film a panel of people talking. This might include two people, four or even more. Just like the newsroom, the idea is to get a conversation started that will appeal to your audience directly.
  3. Animation: This is where you take cartoon-like animation and show your audience what you’re talking about. You don’t have to be Walt Disney Continue reading »