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Top Marketing Tips for Twitter

Twitter TipsTop Marketing Tips for Twitter

Twitter marketing is not as easy as it seems. Like most platforms, it is important for business owners to know exactly how and when to approach their market to create the biggest impact. Otherwise, they will just find themselves lost in a sea of tweets or worse – be un-followed by their existing followers. This is why business owners should be aware of several marketing strategies including but are not limited to:

Follow and Be Followed

Tweeter works on the reciprocity rule. In order to be followed – individuals must first seek out people to follow. This is why the first order of business when starting a Twitter is locating the target marketing and following them. Typically, the person followed will follow right back. This following routine should be done continuously to build the number of potential customers.

Don’t Over Tweet

Some account holders make the mistake of tweeting too often, causing them to flood their followers’ thread. This only irritates the follower, causing them to un-follow the business. Instead, the Tweets should be timed correctly – perhaps several times a day.

Tweet Structure

Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which mean that users will need to make the most of it. This is why each post should be short, important and straight to the point. Do not waste the follower’s time by making posting nothing of importance. Provide tips, sales alerts, new products and other information that they may find useful.


Don’t just inform followers – allow them to inform you. Twitter can be used as a marketing tool and a customer service platform at the same time. Ask clients questions and respond to queries. By publicly being helpful, the business is directly building their reputation to their followers. Don’t be afraid to retweet what fans and followers have posted as a way of encouraging them to do more.

Use Hashtags and Keywords

Choose specific hashtags to create trending conversations. This ensures that the conversation is circled around the business. Hashtags also makes it easier for tweets to lead back to the original post. The same goes for keywords that should be chosen carefully to optimize popularity.

Of course, those aren’t the only marketing techniques individuals can use for Twitter. There’s a whole plethora of strategies out there starting from naming the account, how to collect followers and the tools that may be used. For those who want to find out more, try checking out comprehensive eBooks about Twitter marketing.  Twitter is a powerful tool that has great marketing potential, for some additional information on Twitter idiosyncrasies, check out a free report Twitter Mind Control Secrets For Business.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Marketing online requires a well-thought of strategy especially since there are so many competition out there. Unlike offline marketing where you will be

For those who want to find out in-depth information about Twitter marketing, try checking out comprehensive tutorials about how to make it big through Twitter.

Surprise and Scheduled Games

Provide your followers with games and events as often as possible. It can be a scheduled weekly event or something that you come up with as a surprise. The important thing is to keep your followers interested, usually by providing a prize. Take advantage of these games by including an RT or hashtag in the rules. This way, you are invariably reaching the followers of your followers.

Link, link, link

Twitter is a great way to start connecting with potential clients, but it’s definitely NOT the only way. Businesses can also utilize the platform to drive traffic to their main websites or blogs. Simply Tweet interesting information like a “teaser” and provide a link to the website. The 140-character teaser Tweet should encourage followers to follow the link.

Measure your Progress

Measuring your brand impact through Twitter can be tough but with the help of several tools, it can be done. Some of the most popular tools that can be used today include:

  • Web Analytics
  • Search.Twitter.com
  • Cotweet.com
  • Tweetdeck.com

Using link shortening tools such as bit.ly can also be very helpful due to the character limit.

Know Who to Connect With

One of the biggest mistake new account holders make is following practically anyone that can be followed. Unless you’re selling a highly generic product that everyone will need, this is really a very ineffective marketing approach. Instead, target individuals who have the motivation to purchase what you offer. Selling make up items? Target female Tweeters that are 18 or above since they are the ones most likely to use the product.

Work with What you Have

The next question is – how exactly do you start harnessing Followers? You have to start with what you have. If you already have a website, blog or a Facebook page with subscribers – then advertise to them. Ask existing fans to follow you and work from there. Following complementary businesses such as shoes and shirts (if you’re a makeup business) and asking for an RT will get you in touch with more potential clients.

Of course, don’t forget to take into account the nature of your business. Marketing strategies are typically dependent on what kind of product or service is provided.


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HubPages vs Article Directories: Which Is Better?

HubPages vs Article Directories: Which Is Better?

You have a batch of articles that you’re about to post on one or more article directories, but you’re wondering if maybe HubPages would make a better home for them.  You should always follow your instincts. Just like most article directories, HubPages is free, so you can post as many articles as you wish. That’s where the similarities between the two end. The following should prove to you that writing hubs is a far better use of your time than merely publishing articles on article directories, especially if more traffic, attention and revenue are your primary goals.

Social Blogging Network: Unlike most online article directories, HubPages is a social network first and a blogging or article network second. You can gather followers, have those followers comment on and spread your articles and amass your own little marketing army, all with ever hub you write.

Earn Money: With HubPages, there is always the possibility that you’ll begin to earn a regular monthly income. You can opt to add Adsense and other ad networks to each of your hubs, which will help you earn money each time someone views and/or clicks on one of your ads. Continue reading »

Twitter – The Right Followers and Branding

Twitter -Brand -FollowersHow to Get the Right Followers in Twitter

Getting more followers in Twitter is one of the most important steps in marketing through this social platform. The fact is that no matter how well-thought of your Tweets are, if very few people are reading them, then it really wouldn’t matter much. This is why the first goal of a small-business owner is not just followers but get the RIGHT follower demographic.

Choose a Photo and Stick to It

The business should decide on a specific logo and use it as their permanent profile. Changing the image too often will only confuse followers. Make sure that the logo is easily identifiable and can be directly associated with the kind of product or service the business provides.

Name Used

The business name will obviously be the Twitter’s account name. This is why as early as possible; individuals should make sure that they get something catchy and descriptive for their business. Like their profile picture, the name will be one of the identifying factors of the business.

Follow the Target Market

A great way to find viable customers through Tweeter is by checking out the following of like businesses. For example, if you are selling bags and accessories, then following a business selling shoes and shirts might be a good idea. There’s a good chance that people who are following the latter will appreciate the former. Follow this people and they will be curious enough to check on you and hopefully follow back.

Follow Other Business Continue reading »

SEO and Pinterest – Understand the Benefits Pinterest Offers for SEO

Pinterest -SEOSEO and Pinterest – Understand the Benefits Pinterest Offers for SEO

More than likely, you already have a social media marketing strategy in place. However, within the past year or so, another social networking site has become quite popular. This website is Pinterest and it is continuing to gain momentum. This social photo sharing website has over 10 million users and allows people to categorize graphics, videos and photos. The great thing is that Pinterest offers some great SEO benefits. Many big companies are beginning to use Pinterest because of the following big SEO benefits it offers.

Benefit #1 – Great Backlinks and Referrals

One of the SEO benefits Pinterest offers is great backlinks and referrals. Whenever an image is pinned, it links back to the original source. This offers great backlinks that can also bring in some referral traffic to a website. You can capitalize on this by starting to post service and product photos on Pinterest. Just make sure you avoid blatant self promotion, ensuring that you offer your audience quality and relevant content.

Benefit #2 – Google

Content posted on Pinterest is being indexed and crawled by Google all the time. This means that using Pinterest for marketing will definitely have a positive impact on your SEO rankings. You can make the most of this benefit by making sure that you optimize your comments, pins and descriptions using important keywords. Even file names and pinboards should include important keywords if you want to enjoy the great impact on your website’s SEO rankings.

Benefit #3 –People Search with Pinterest Continue reading »

HubPages vs Your Own Blog – Why a Hub Might be Better

HubPageHubPages vs Your Own Blog – Why a Hub Is Better

Thinking of generating attention with your own online articles? You have a couple choices. You can purchase your own domain and hosting and publish blog after blog in attempt to gain a following or you can simply create a HubPages hub.

The following will weigh the two against each other so that you can make the best decision for your Internet marketing efforts.

  1. Lower Cost: When you purchase your own domain and hosting, you have to spend money each and every year to maintain that online presence. With HubPages, guess how much you have to spend. You guessed it: Zero. It won’t cost you a thing to create and maintain a HubPages account. That should help you make your decision right there. But in case you’re not convinced, here are more reasons to choose a hub over your own hosting account.
  2. Easy To Submit Articles: When you host your own blog or website, you have to figure out the coding and all the other technical aspects that go into maintaining such an online presence. When you create and maintain a HubPages account, you will be able to submit articles with ease since the people behind the platform have done so much to keep things as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Earn Money Easily: When you host your own website or blog, you have to know what you’re doing if you hope to include ads and other revenue producing elements with your online efforts. With HubPages, you merely point and click, drag and drop and you’ll be able to add Adsense ads, Amazon wish lists and affiliate links and so much more. HubPages are essentially money-making magnets – that is if you know how to use them correctly.
  4. Unlimited Submissions: You can create a following easily with HubPages, as long as you provide a lot of content. Thanks to the unlimited submission policy at HubPages, you can create all the articles you want, generating more attention for your brand and more traffic to your websites and/or offers.
  5. Pay An Outsourcer: If you were to pay an outsourcer to write your blog content on a domain and hosting account you purchased, you’d have to give that person sensitive information so that he/she could publish the articles online. With HubPages, you merely have to give the person your hub password. Your information will remain safe as you earn more with your HubPages account.  In that regard, let’s take a minute and look at how you can expand your network using an outsourcer.

Expand Your Network with an Outsourcer and HubPages

Hubpage Profits

As an Internet marketer, you should always be looking for ways to expand your network. In the old days, you used to have to travel to conferences and seminars to expand your professional networks. These days you can do all your social networking via a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection. One online tool that you should never be without is HubPages. Not only can this social blogging platform gain you more attention and traffic to your site, business, products and services, but you’ll also expand your social network even further than it is now. If you can manage to throw an outsourcer into the mix, you’ll have a winning combination that is sure to succeed.

How Do You Outsource HubPages? Continue reading »

Is Google Plus An Option?

Google Plus

I was just reminded last night that more or less a year ago, I posted an article entitled Let’s Discuss the fuss about Plus that created, well let’s call it backlash.

I was clearly pulling for Google+.  Without exception or hesitation I was rebuked, reprimanded, and hauled over the coals. This was of course mostly from the Facebook proponents.  They did have arguments.  And, I sort of enjoyed the banter.

Hence I thought, it’s a year later, let’s review once more.  I’ll start from a 10,000 foot view beginning with the companies themselves. After all, when we make an investment, whether it is financial or an investment in a service, the strength and comparables of the company we invest our time or money in should be a consideration as well as the features they offer us.

When compared to Google, Facebook is still in diapers; Google earns nearly 40 times as much and has 10 times the number of associates that Facebook does. Google earns a great deal more revenue than Facebook.  This of course is mainly due to Adwords, YouTube, and their sheer number of properties acquired that are actively turning a profit online, as well as entire corporations owned by Google, like Motorola.

The data might surprise you; you might not realize how far apart Google and Facebook are from each other.





Revenue $37,900,000,000 $3,800,000,000 Google pulled in nearly 10 times the amount of revenue in 2011.
Market Value $190,000,000,000 $63,000,000,000 Google’s current market value is 3 times that of FB in 2012.
Traffic 1,000,000,000 714,000,000 Google receives 40% more traffic monthly than FB.
Employees 32,467 3,500 Google has 10 times the employees.

Continue reading »

Hashtags and Twitter Marketing

Twitter hastagsHashtags and Twitter Marketing

If you’re joining the Twitterverse for business marketing purposes, then it’s not enough that you get followers and update your status regularly. If you want to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, it’s important to use ALL the features provided by Twitter to your advantage. One of those is the baffling hashtag.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is characterized by the symbol # and is often used to emphasize keywords in a tweet.

“I love the new song of #KatyPerry”

The word(s) immediately following the hashtag is basically the keyword of the Tweet. Its main purpose is to organize tweets while at the same time helping the spread of information in the social network. In the example above, the hashtag #KatyPerry will help Twitter group and organize all the tweets about the singer. This way, any search made on the topic will be easier since the website already has all the related tweets associated with the keyword.

How Is This Useful?

Used correctly, hashtags can be an excellent tool for Twitter marketing. For example, you can start a contest, inviting all participants to use the hashtag #GameOn. This allows you, the originator, to track how far the hashtag has gone through your layer of followers. Depending on the popularity of the game, your hashtag may also get to the trending list of Twitter in which case, it will gather more exposure. At the very least, these hashtags will inform second-degree followers about the existence of the business, hopefully inspiring them to become subscribers themselves. Continue reading »