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Becoming An Authority Means Boatloads Of Traffic –Here’s How To Power Your Yahoo Answers

Yahoo AnswersBecoming An Authority Means Boatloads Of Traffic –Here’s How To Power Your Yahoo Answers

Business owners are always looking for ways to bring more traffic to their websites. Using Yahoo Answers can become an excellent traffic source once you understand the ins and outs, exactly how to utilize and then dominate this amazing and powerful platform. Before you realize it, traffic can be flowing into all of your marketing lists and you can do so efficiently and by only having to devote time once to every major answer that your niche is looking for, once you master the learning curve.

Of course like anything new, you may need some extra help in how to respond to Yahoo Answers correctly. Knowing how to deliver answers efficiently will also allow you to build more and more traffic. With that in mind let me offer you a couple of suggestions that can save you time, direct your answers correctly and make you a hero in the community.

The answers is that you give on Yahoo must be thought out and intelligent. A simple yes or no answer will not suffice, nor will it encourage Yahoo to send you more traffic that you can build upon.

The point here is not just to answer a question, but to also be an authority in your field to the person who really needs your answer. People who are reading your answers also grade them. If your answer is a good one they will mark it as such and your points will increase. The more points you have the more respect you will earn and the more questions Yahoo will allow you to answer. More questions become more traffic to your website. Over time people will see you as the authority they need an answer to. Continue reading »

A Yahoo Email Account Can Be The Answer To More Business

Yahoo AnswersA Yahoo Email Account Can Be The Answer To More Business

Do you currently have a Yahoo E-mail address? We ask this question because there is something very special about Yahoo many people may not have considered before. Yahoo has one of the biggest international forums called “Yahoo Answers”. Every day millions of people around the world use this forum to ask questions, get answers, do research and discover just about everything they wanted to know about any niche that currently exists.

If you do have a Yahoo E-mail or have never considered looking at the Yahoo Answer forums, then here’s why you should.

You might be a small business owner who would like to see some more traffic. You might need to build a large and highly targeted mailing list. You might be surprised how Yahoo Answers is communicating to people worldwide and solving their problems every day, problems that your business can resolve for these people as well, especially if you know what questions to answer.

It’s easy to sign up for an account. You can choose to use your real name or a profile name for the E-mail. If you want to sign into Yahoo Answers you can choose to use another alternative name for the forums. A lot of people like this and choose to be known by their field of expertise. For instance if you are a gardener trying to get more traffic to your website, you might want to answer some of those questions in Yahoo’s Answers as “Green Thumb Andy.” Make sure that when you sign up to the forums, you have a cool looking avatar to go with your name, because that’s free on Yahoo as well. Yahoo has its own avatar service and you can choose to have a great looking character. Now add this to your profile name, go through the categories until you find your target niche.

Start answering some of the questions that are easy at first and then tackle the more difficult ones. It’s okay to add a link into your comments in the resource box if the link answers the question. It’s not okay to try to make quick affiliate sales to people with it. There is the right way of doing things and Yahoo expects us all to follow their rules. It is their house we have to play nice otherwise we get banned. Continue reading »

Getting the Most from Squidoo

Do you Squidoo?Getting the Most from Squidoo

In its most basic form, Squidoo is really nothing more than a single page website that is designed to present a reader with a single resource for information. Because of their high standards, search engines tend to rank these pages higher and if you want to make an impact in your niche, then you will want to take the time to explore these items and do what you can to create successful pages.

The key point to keep in mind is that your Squidoo lens is only going to be as effective as the content that you have on it. That is what you want to pay close attention to the following.

Always ensure you have original content. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that the just reword information that has been rehashed to death. You will need to bring something original and exciting to your lens if you want to be successful with it.

Use Keywords Wisely. Common keywords are going to produce lackluster results. Instead, you are going to want to take the time to research keywords that are searched but don’t have a lot of competition.

Ensure Your Titles Shine. Your titles are going to have a bigger impact on who clicks on your lens, more than anything else. Your content needs to be great by all means, but the item that is going to have people clicking will be the link. So ensure you use keywords that have a person’s interest piqued.

Never Start By Talking About Your Product. If people feel like you are selling them a product, rather than giving them information, they are going to leave your website quickly. Instead, you are going to want to take the time to provide quality content that people can count on. At the end, you can suggest the products or services you have to offer and give the person the option to use them. Continue reading »

Squidoo – Creating a Foundation for Success

Squidoo Get StartedSquidoo – Creating a Foundation for Success

If you are a first timer, go to Squidoo.com and follow the instructions to set up a profile. The articles or lenses as Squidoo calls the user-generated pages will be connected to your profile, so you want to make a good impression. Some pertinent information about yourself along with a welcoming profile picture will increase people’s trust in your content.

As soon as your profile is set up you can start adding content in the form of lenses. They provide an excellent overview step by step on how to create a lens at Squidoo-lens. One of the worst mistakes folks make is that when they create lens titles, they make them too basic and often lackluster. It is important to understand  that the titles of your pages will contain keywords that help search engines find you, while unique titles will cause people to click on the link.

For the best results, try to add humor or unique titles that will have people looking to see what you have to say. Just be sure you provide information that is based on the title –creating a fake title is called Link Baiting and it can result in your account being terminated. Continue reading »

An Attitude of Gratitude – Make it Habitual

GratitudeThanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then sometimes discover once a year is way too often!  Well, that is not the case for our family, quite the contrary we often have to share our gratitude remotely from different cities and miss the time together.

When our kids were young we often spent our “prior” turkey indulgence being grateful for all the little things that we had…our health, our family, our home, our bed…you get the idea.  Things were simple and it was a nice break from business and work.  We were truly thankful for what we had.

After all, what is Thanksgiving without peace and gratitude? Isn’t that what the holiday is all about?

It is, yet many of us forget that fact. Too often, we don’t remember to be grateful for what we have or receive on Thanksgiving or on any other day. We become so involved in the negative dramas of our lives that we see only the stress-filled job, the uncaring relationship, the stack of bills we can’t pay, the doctor’s prognosis, the misbehaved children, or perhaps the lack of time. If we take another look at our lives, we can always find something for which to be grateful – the sun in the sky, a friend, the weekend, a warm place to sleep, the five dollars in our pocket, the dog who licks our hand in passing. It really doesn’t matter how much we have or how little. We still can be grateful for what we do have.

Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to remember the things for which we are grateful and to practice having what some have called “an attitude of gratitude.” Some say a prayer of gratitude represents the strongest prayer of all, and I would agree. I was taught to include gratitude in my prayers and thoughts every day – gratitude for what I have as well as for what I will receive. And what better time to start such a practice or to deepen an existing one than on a holiday created solely for giving thanks.

To begin with, try this just for Thanksgiving. Continue reading »

Businesses Are Thriving On The Internet By Using Google Plus Marketing Tools

Businesses Are Thriving On The Internet By Using Google Plus Marketing Tools

Google plus was designed specifically with businesses in mind, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. Google marketing tools allow you to send your message out to customers, employees, business partners, vendors and anyone else all-in-one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Here are just some of Google’s marketing tools that you can use to enhance your business;


You can send a single message to just one person by using the recipient’s name or you can include everyone in your circles. Circles also allow for other followers to invite you into their groups.


This is not unlike Facebook or Twitter. You can post updates, comments to other followers and make posts about your own business. You can promote just about anything you wish. Merge your Facebook, Twitter and other social media to your Google plus timeline. Have one centralized place to host all of your information. Streamified allows you to access information from your PC, smart phone or tablet.

Google +1:

Continue reading »

Using Google Ripples Is Changing The Way Marketers Track Their Content

Google Plus RipplesUsing Google Ripples Is Changing The Way Marketers Track Their Content

Tracking your content in the past used to be a long and difficult process . Hoping to see shares, asking people to click on likes and then doing Google searches , could have a marketer spending hours tracking a single piece of content . Will there some pretty amazing news if you’re creating content using Google plus. Google has some pretty amazing analytic tools. One of the best ones is called Ripples. The concept was to create a tracking tool that was just like someone throwing stones in a still pond of water and watching the ripples that emerge.

This fantastic tool allows you to see exactly what is going on with the content that you create. Ripples will give you a visualization tool that allows you to see exactly what happens to all of your content that is shared through Google plus. This is a very inventive way to keep up with posts in your business. Quickly find out who is helping you promote your information and posts that you send out through Google.

If you have used Google plus then you may have noticed that some of your posts are already being shared and +1. The ripples tool gives you a visual image of where your post went out to on the internet. If you are a business trying to market your information this tool is critical for you to use. You will be able to see HOW your post was shared publicly and how many people shared it and WHERE it is going.  This will also allow you to write and target people through your posts to a specific niche and further enhance the effectiveness of your content by further micro-targeting the people that are receiving this information.

This is really a marketers dream come true; being able to watch your content as it progresses through the Internet and then target the notes of where it is appearing is a truly amazing process that perhaps only Google could have mastered. Now you no longer need to guess where your content is ending up, and you’ll be able to also encourage people that are sharing your content the most and specifically where you need to advertise to maximize the effectiveness of all of your campaigns.

This is just another great reason for checking out Google plus and utilizing their tools. Take a moment and become familiar with this truly amazing tool and maximize the effectiveness of all of your content with a few easy clicks.  If you would like to learn more about Google plus and improve your business on the Internet please click this link:GooglePlus Breakthrough. For a free report to peek your interest with some key elements to mastering this powerful platform review Mastering GooglePlus Now.


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