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Don’t Get Banned On Yahoo Answers

YahooAnswersBannedDon’t Get Banned On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers if used properly can be one of the best sources to improve traffic to any website. The problem is most people do not know how to grow and maintain their account on Yahoo Answers without getting banned. Here’s how to avoid this and become respected in the Yahoo community.

First and foremost Yahoo Answers is a question and answer forum. If you are improving on Yahoo Answers, gaining points, having your answers chosen as the best answer, then you’re doing exactly what you should be and will gain quickly in prominence. As with any forum, there will always be rules that need to be followed if you wish to be recognized as someone to be taken seriously. This is the main focus of yahoo answers and becoming a well-respected answer giver should be your goal.

You cannot go to Yahoo Answers write in a bunch of comments to different questions, attach a link to your website and expect people to NOT see this as spamming. Since people are able to vote on the answers that you give, your answers must be specific and targeted to deliver the exact answer people are looking for, or you will not receive the attention that you need to eventually build a large flow of traffic. Anyone can report the answers that you give or flag it as spam so the answers you give must take this into consideration. Continue reading »

Mobile Marketing , Digital Money And Couponing The Smart Phone Way On Google

Google WalletMobile Marketing , Digital Money And Couponing The Smart Phone Way On Google

As technology continues to improve it stands to reason that more people will be using mobile marketing and smart phone technology to promote their business and services. Gone are the days of the dinosaur home computer.

Smart phones and tablets can now contain more storage and information capabilities than much of the older home computers. A simple and small jump drive can contain over 8GB’s of information. Now imagine the possibilities with mobile marketing into the future with Google.

Google likes to keep some of their technology a mystery. As other companies like Verizon and AT&T compete with each other with their products and services, Google quietly works behind-the-scenes to improve things every day and has vowed to eventually dominate the mobile market industry. Continue reading »

Become A Respected Expert In Multiple Fields Using Avatar Branding In Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers AvatarBecome A Respected Expert In Multiple Fields Using Avatar Branding In Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers understands that most people have a variety of life experiences. That’s the great thing about this platform; not only does it allow you to help other people with their questions, but you can become “branded” an expert in multiple fields. How can you do this?

Have you seen any of those cool looking avatars that Yahoo has? I’m talking about the ones that have the blinking eyes, hundreds of facial features, different hair, different eyes and a selection of all kinds of clothing. You can dress them up to look like a pirate, a doctor, a cool DJ, or just about anything else that your imagination can come up with. One avatar can be a cook; another can be a teacher, an astronaut and even a basketball player. The sky is the limit!

The great thing about using these kinds of characters is that it works well with Yahoo Answers and if you’re not using them you’re really missing the whole web 2.0 power play; avatars project an image and that is exactly how you can help to dominate your niche is a top contributor. Continue reading »

Join The Circle Crowd On Google And Connect The Followers

Google CirclesJoin The Circle Crowd On Google And Connect The Followers

The best thing that happened for millions of small business was the introduction of Google plus circles, a unique and innovative way to market to multiple lists of followers all from one easy-to-use dashboard. The system is absolute genius because it allows you to organize, maintain and grow simultaneously multiple highly targeted lists that can provide everything from business contacts, social contacts, vendors, product distributors, employees, work associates, friends, family and just about anything else that can be organized into simple drag-and-drop circles.

By being involved in a specific conversation, the friends that you already have on Google plus, can invite you into other circles that they may be participating in. For instance you may have a follower interested in science fiction movies. Some of their Google plus friends may already have 300 or more people in a circle involved in sci-fi conversations.

Even if you don’t know that much about science-fiction start talking to your friends about this subject and get involved in their conversations. Present movie clips, articles, and things of interest that will appeal to the sci-fi circle. Ask them their opinion and allow them to be the professionals in this circle. This particular Continue reading »

Contact Webmasters Directly To Buy Sites You Can Flip

Website Flipping

Contact Webmasters Directly To Buy Sites You Can Flip

One of the questions website flippers ask is where to get some of the better quality websites that they can sell and what to do with them once they have them.

I want you to put yourself in the mindset of a webmaster who has sold dozens of websites on a large auction site like Flippa.com. Many of these people create niche based sites simply want to sell as many of them as they can.  (Flipping Your Way to Success – pictured to the left, is an excellent and free beginners guide.)

Remember Flippa charges auction fees so it is possible for you to contact these people directly and ask them to build you a website! Best of all you should be able to negotiate a lower price because the sale is happening without the need for them to go through all the difficulty and expense of placing the site for auction.

There are also other places you can buy websites that are not listed on the larger auctions. Top marketing forums (e.g. www.warriorforum.com) has sections dedicated to selling websites and they are often much cheaper than websites listed on the large auction sites. You can also find website creators, programmers and other people that can help you locate good deals as well as provide service to you when you need it.

There are also website flipping groups that you can search out on the Internet. Many of these people know exactly where you can get the best deals on acquiring new websites and will be glad to tell you this information in exchange for little pat on their back. Continue reading »

An Easy Business With Huge Potential

WebsiteFlipAn Easy Business With Huge Potential

If you’re like everyone else and are looking for successful way to earn money online, which is not based on some ridiculous program or guru scheme, I have some really great news for you!

Website flipping can be the answer to your search for REAL money making online. This is because selling websites is a proven way to earn income that does not rely on some silly guru’s overpriced and unproven information package. Website flipping is a legitimate business where you can take substandard websites, make improvements and then sell them for many times the value of your initial investment. This can be an excellent add-on to your current activities.

Much like the way people that buy old houses and fix them up and then resell them, you can be doing the same thing. It’s easy to get started and once you understand that there is a hunger for websites Continue reading »

6 easy steps To Web Flipping Success

Website Flipping6 easy steps To Web Flipping Success

Many people have heard of website flipping and how the potential exists to earn large sums of money. The problem that people have is trying to figure out the best way to start their website flipping success. While it is true people can earn a decent amount of money selling websites, you should also understand that there is a learning curve, and there is a process involved that enhances your chances for success that should be followed.

Like any kind of business venture you must do your due diligence and research the possibilities, because selling websites on a successful basis requires an understanding of exactly how to go about it. It is important that you follow a proven set of steps in order to be successful.

  1. See what is selling and why – This is our first step and the reasoning behind this should be obvious; by seeing the websites that are being sold on a regular basis will let you know that there exists an opportunity in the market for you to do the same
  2. Pick  hot niche – Now that you know a certain kind of website is selling, the next thing you want to do is ensure that the niche that you’re going to sell to is a hot niche. One of the ways to do this is to follow Google Trends and also to look at the top selling niches by categories on auction sites
  3. Study the expertshttp://flippaleaderboard.com – One of the top selling auction sites is Flippa.com. Statistics are kept on the Flippa Leaderboard and this is a great place for you to Continue reading »