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Beautiful Photographs Mean Business Success

Instagram photoBeautiful Photographs Mean Business Success

The local coffee shop (or just about any offline business) can become the latest and most popular hangout for the locals; if you know how to take a photograph that make people go “Wow.”

By just taking daily pictures with your smart phone, and posting to your Instagram account, you might have all the advertising you need and generate a lot more business. No way, you might be thinking.

Well guess what? It’s yes way, but you have to take right kind of pictures. Will your photos inspire, create imagination or have people yawning at them? These are the big questions. So before you snap a photo consider who, what and when.

Sometimes you can snap that one in a million photograph that everyone absolutely loves. It gets passed around 10,000 times or more and you have followers coming out of the woodwork. Good Job!

For the rest of us, before you take a bunch of photographs and load them into your Instagram account, shouldn’t you have a plan first? Shouldn’t you at least find out what is the hot topic your customers want to see more of?

Maybe there is a trend being set across the internet you can tap into. Ideas and great photos happen because much of the time people research what is happening around the world. They tune into the emotions or subject of the day and make it happen with simple but powerful snapshots.

This is no different for the coffee shop owner. People love coffee but they also like to see real events and real people. So just substitute coffee for any other kind of business, create trendy pictures and you could be the next trendsetter.

So if the owner of the shop wants to boost his or her sales, simply snapping real time pictures of customers, staff and other daily events can draw some serious attention. Look at Starbucks. They know what’s up and they are huge because they promote their customers drinking coffee… they don’t sell coffee, the sell community.  Now find YOUR niche as a top Instagram promoter and follow what they are doing but add your unique twist.  You can get a helpful free resource called Instagram – A New Marketing Frontier that gives you some keys.

Take weird out of focus pictures, show people in introspective moments in their lives; photograph the sky and add weather pics; Now you might be thinking really why? It’s austere, unique and different to what we see every day. It works and challenges people to think about your pictures and visit you.

It’s not about what you think; it’s what your customers want. If they want unique, then give it to them. As long as you market through your customers eyes, plenty can happen to propel your business.


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



Optimizing your Website

SEOBasicsOver the last few months we have spent a great deal of time discussing how to use Pinterest, Forums, Yahoo Answers, Google Plus, HubPages, etc. to build community and increase traffic to you site.  Based upon some recent comments, this is a quick step back to visit about your site and what you should do to improve your ranking.

The first thing that you need to do in preparation for achieving a good search engine ranking is think about the keywords for the main page (index page) of your website.

I would recommend that you do the following:

(1) Spend some time brainstorming and make a list on paper of all the words you think that people may use to find your website.

(2) Once you have this list, go to the Google Keyword tool: http://www.googlekeywordtool.com/

(3) Take the keywords from your list and enter them into this tool. If your website has a potential worldwide market, choose “all countries and territories”, otherwise, choose your target country.

(4) As you enter the keywords into the tool you will see many more suggestions from Google and you will see an estimate of the number of searches that your keyword phrase gets per month on Google.

(5) If you find that any of your phrases have only a small number of searches per month (e.g. a few hundred or no data at all) then you should either remove them from your list or keep them aside as potential phrases for other pages of your website. Continue reading »

The Benefits Of Website Flipping

Website for SaleYou may have heard about website flipping and wondered if it is something that you should consider doing. What are the benefits of website flipping? Is there enough reason for you to consider involving yourself in this very promising business model?

One of the first advantages of website flipping is that making significant changes on websites that can generate some real high-value often require minimal investment and work. This means that your return on investment could be considerable and allow you to sell a product that people have a great interest in and even expect to spend a lot of money doing so.

Unlike the typical pie-in-the-sky get rich quick scheme, there are many success stories of flipping websites with people working just a few hours a day. The key is to outsource and understand that the work that needs to be done can be accomplished similar to the way you may invest on making improvements on your home. You don’t actually have to do the work; you just have to find the right contractor who will at a good price.

Long-term income is a real possibility. This is perhaps one of the best advantages of an ongoing website flipping business. Making improvements to websites, and then auctioning them to people that need what you have to offer will greatly enhance the money that you can make. It is much easier to convince Continue reading »

Conduit Product Reviews

ProductreviewMost of the time, when you read an article about “how to write product reviews” there is a spotlight on the comparison style review.  However, there are several other effective types of reviews that you can use.

The Conduit Review method was devised by an Internet marketer by the name of Chris Rempel.  He found a way to create review sites that were all based on the products themselves – factual information and personal feedback from people who had bought the products. By employing this method, he was specifically targeting people who were already interested in buying the products he was reviewing.

The best way to explain how this works – and why it works – is to first of all take a look at what actually happens when people decide to purchase something online.  Customers are either searching for a solution to an issue, or they’re introduced to an offer in the midst of “hanging out”.

This means that customers are first exposed to online products either through a   search engine (Google, Ebay, Amazon, etc) or through an offer (Google PPC ads, affiliate sites, banner ads, newsletters, etc.) And what happens then?  They buy on impulse, they leave and don’t buy, or they research the product to make a purchase decision.  And this is where the conduit method comes in. Continue reading »

Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Adwords-FB adsMost marketers have this debate as to which is better: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? I think you should be open to options and possibilities on which strategy will work best for you. Here are some thoughts from some of online marketers and entrepreneurs as to which one is actually better.

  • Platform motive.  Some believe that it is not good to advertise on Facebook for a number of reasons: Users want someone they can converse with, not to be advertised to. It’s a place where people relax and talk to friends after a long day’s work at the office. So for some it is absolutely Google AdWords over Facebook ads due to its focus and ability to get sales lead.
  • Google ads target users while they are looking for a product, while Facebook ads target groups of people.  There are also people who suggest that Facebook is an “awareness and branding” channel where people go on Facebook to play farmville, chat, update their statuses and check up on their friends, etc. In other words Facebook is not an exclusively lead generation channel but only a supporting channel. It is perfect for building an online reputation and a brand but not in generating leads. But if people browse through the search engines, they go there to either research or purchase something. Again, many marketers still prefer Google AdWords over Facebook Ads.
  • Campaign Objective. In Google AdWords, the goal is to get your ad seen by the people Continue reading »

Paid Blogging Assignments

Paid BloggingNine times out of ten, when you set-up your blog you’re not making a large or even a medium income right out off the bat. But don’t be alarmed.

You’ll be glad to know some of the most profitable blogs took months (often years) to develop a reader base worthy of paying out a high four to five figure monthly paycheck.

A large reader base combined with effective advertising partners, affiliate sales, and other recurring passive income profits take time. Most importantly the event that is requisite is just simply getting started.

These blogs started from the same place you are now: a few blog entries, an about Me page, and that’s about it.

So regarding the small or little income so many bloggers face…

If you’re not making money from blogging and you intend on bringing in the kind of income professional bloggers like John Chow or Shoemoney bring in, you don’t have to “wait” until all of your ducks are aligned to start making money — right now.

Here’s how you do it: Paid Blogging Submission Assignments

It’s far from being the ONLY way to make money blogging, but it is highly effective if you’re new to blogging and need a surge of cash to get you motivated moving forward.

FOUR of the more popular, well-known, and reliable “pay-per-blog-post” services are: Continue reading »