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What to Consider When Selecting a Ghostwriting Project

Ghost WriterSelecting a Ghostwriting Project for Bidding- Consider the following.

When you start bidding on your first few projects as a ghostwriter you will need a few pointers to help you pick out projects that won’t have you running for the hills. Once you get the hang of the process, you will be able to weed out the good from the bad at a glance. Here are six things you should check before taking a job or even placing a bid.

Your Area of Expertise

Your writing style (copywriter, article writer, creative writer etc.) and your niche (if any) of expertise should coincide with the project. If you are a creative writer you will not be able to adapt to writing technical materials for websites. So you should assess your skills and make sure they work for the project before you bid.

Project’s Budget

When you create your profiles across different job sites you will be asked to put your hourly or per word Continue reading »

More Successful Landing Pages through Guest Blogging

MiniTips14Guest Blogging Improves Your Landing Page Results

Anyone who has launched their own blog and has kept it going for a while can tell you (and I know we have mentioned this in the past) that one of the biggest challenges is continually coming up with fresh and interesting content for readers. After a few months or a year, developing new ideas is the hardest part of blogging.

While the objective of most bloggers is to develop the largest following of loyal readers as possible, when they are starved for new ideas it can be difficult to keep their readership engaged. That’s why guest blogging is such an attractive option.

Guest blogging is when bloggers allow other people to post articles on their blog. Typically, these guest blogs will be related to the blog’s niche subject. They also should discuss topics that are fresh and interesting for the blog’s readers.

Providing readers with high-quality guest blog content has the dual benefit of relieving the blogger – at least temporarily – of the need to come up with original material and also gives the blog’s readers useful information that they can use. The readers remain loyal to the blog and the host blogger doesn’t have to do a thing to earn that loyalty! Continue reading »

Components of Kindle Publishing Success

Kindle PublishingThree Things That Can Make or Break Your Kindle Publishing Success

Kindle publishing has become one of the most effective avenues for people to earn an income online, whether you are an aspiring author or are simply looking for a way to turn your expertise into cash. However, simply publishing an eBook and uploading it to Amazon is not a guarantee that you will sell massive numbers of copies. There are certain things that can help improve your chances of success. Get them wrong, though, and they can kill your book, no matter how great it is.

Get the Description Right to Succeed with Kindle Publishing

As you can imagine, the description is where you tell your potential customers all about your eBook. In other words, what it’s about and what benefits they can gain from purchasing it. In essence, the description is where you try to convince potential customers to purchase your book and you need to do it in around 750 words since this is what the Kindle publishing system affords you. Continue reading »

Be Unique- Follow the Rules

RulesFollowing the Guest Blogging Rule-book

As more Internet marketers realize the traffic benefits of guest blogging, the clear-cut ability to have your guest blogs published by an established, authoritative blog site within your niche has become more competitive.

A-list blogs can reach thousands of visitors every day. if you can publish a guest blog on one of these popular blog sites, you can enhance your reputation, build your expertise, and potentially attract lots of highly-targeted traffic to your landing pages without a doubt.

But these types of hugely popular blogs are rare. Most blog sites are lucky to receive 100 visits per day. While there is certainly value in posting your guest blog on these types of sites, it is a less attractive option than posting your guest blogs on the biggest and most visible blogs within your niche.

It can unquestionably be a win-win situation.  Guest blogging benefits both the host blogger and the guest blogger, especially if the guest follows certain unwritten rules to maximize results and attract the most attention. For example, most host blogs won’t publish your guest blog if you are blatantly promoting products or offers. Continue reading »

Increase Your Sales Funnel with Guest Blogging

GuestBlog copyBenefits of Guest Blogging to Your Sales Funnel

When you target established blogs within your niche and offer to submit guest blogs for them, you can create new pathways prospective customers can use to find your sales funnels.

Guest blogging has the dual benefit of

  • Increasing your exposure and promoting your reputation in front of a lot of highly targeted fans of your niche and
  • Creating backlinks to your landing pages from authoritative sites, thus improving your Google ranking.

Guest blogging is considered one of the best ways to obtain quality backlinks, gain exposure, generate traffic and build relationships with people who are interested in your niche. Guest blogging also makes an equally valuable and symbiotic relationship with the host blogger because he or she gains free content for their established audience.

When you publish guest blogs on established blog sites that are related to your niche, you can actually increase the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings of your home pages, sales letters, squeeze pages and other entryways into your sales funnels.

Google and other search engines want to provide their users with links to the pages that they are going to find the most useful. So they crawl through the web, indexing pages according to various keywords until they find the ones that they think their users will value the most. These are the ones that land in the number one spot on the SERP for those keywords. Continue reading »

Which comes first- Direction or Timing?

PossibilitiesAfter the graduation ceremony, Jerry walked up to his grandson and asked, “What kind of job will you be looking for, Arthur?”

Arthur was known among other family members as someone who loved to laugh. He was always looking for a new one-liner to share with everyone. So, Arthur grinned and replied, “Any job will do as long as I get a paycheck.”

“Seriously, Arthur, what type of work would you like to do?” asked Jerry.

“It doesn’t matter,” Arthur replied. As long as it’s not too hard, I’ll be willing to give anything a try.”

“Why don’t you apply for a job at your favorite pizza restaurant?” asked Jerry.

“I plan to do that tomorrow,” said Arthur. “It would be a great first job. I may see if I can just work part time. That way I can also work part time at Banana Republic at the local mall. I saw an ad online yesterday, and the store is hiring several part-time workers.”

Before he went to sleep that night, Arthur took his job aspirations to the Lord in prayer. “Father, I thank you that you love me and that you are directing my steps,” he prayed.

“I do want to direct your steps,” the Lord replied. “So, it’s important that you ask for my help before you make any plans related to a job. I want you to work at both Giovanni’s and at the Banana Republic, but I want you to work full time at the mall store and part time at the restaurant.” Continue reading »