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List Building Techniques That Attract Buyers Not Just Viewers

ListBuilding copyAttract Buyers Not Just Viewers with Proper List Building Techniques

Just because you have a large list doesn’t mean that it converts to sales!  In fact you may have a list of over 200,000 people that never respond to your offer or a list of 100 that convert enough for you to live comfortably.  So what makes the difference between a freebie seeking list and a highly responsive one?


Some of the list-building differences are:

  • How well you have chosen your niche-Your niche should be focused and easy to target.  Choosing a broad niche can lead to massive amounts of subscribers but no buyers.
  • Targeted Autoresponders- Be sure that your autoresponders are niche specific and focused on what your target audience wants.  This will ensure you get a good response.
  • Build relationships. People will not buy from someone they consider a stranger.  Take the time to build trust and authority within your list members before selling to them.
  • Good content and copy.  Poorly written copy can kill a sale.  Your copy must be top-notch in order to convert readers into subscribers as well as subscribers into buyers.  Just because they are already subscribers does not mean you can start using lower quality content.

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Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Pinterest

Pinterest MisstepsPinterest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Most everyone knows by now that Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to post videos and images. These images can be organized into boards that are noted by topic. Many people have realized the incredible potential Pinterest offers as a marketing tool. However, while it offers a great tool, it’s important to avoid misusing this tool and doing more damage than good. If you’re interested in Pinterest marketing, here is a look at some of the top Pinterest marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake  – Spamming

One of the biggest Pinterest marketing mistakes made by new users is spamming. When you begin posting pins on Pinterest, your goal should be to post items that add real value. Your goal is to engage potential customers, not turn them off with spam. Don’t turn your account into a visual classified ad to try to sell your products. This will quickly upset other users and you’ll also have a tough time getting followers when you begin spamming.

Mistake  – Assuming a Picture or Two Will Boost Sales Continue reading »

Thinking About Trying Your Hand At Video Marketing?

video-consider itYou’re Not Alone If You Are Considering Video

Looking for new ways to promote your business or increase brand awareness?  If you have been thinking about trying your hand at video marketing to boost business, you’re not alone. Marketers everywhere are experimenting with different tactics in an effort to drive more traffic and boost sales.

To help you gain the exposure and authority you desire, let’s start with one important thought: Create a connection.

You see, video allows you to really increase the level of trust prospective customers have in you and your business. Use the power of your videos to gain that trust and you’ll see results every time.

Video marketing isn’t difficult. But you really do need to get your strategies right in order to succeed. To help you out, I’ve compiled plenty of video marketing tips you really should check out. You can find them by visiting Video Marketing Profits. For now, here are some observations that will facilitate your efforts.

What Is The Best Length?

Today people are constantly bombarded with information and as a result have short attention spans.  This means keep your videos short and simple!  Your video should be no longer than necessary to effectively express your idea or message.  As a rule of thumb, keep your vides under 2 minutes. The only exception to this rule is for demo videos or instructional videos that take longer to teach.

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Creating a Killer Headline For Your Press Release

PressRelease Killer HeadlineCreate an Eye-Catching Killer Headline 

Catching the reader’s attention when issuing a press release is of the utmost importance. The first step is to create an eye-catching headline. What makes a good headline?

Bold action words, tantalizing bits of information, and staying specific, are vital elements of excellent headlines. Remembering this will start you on the path towards the best press release you can write.

Catching the Reader’s Attention

Arguably the most important part of a press release is catching and holding a reader’s attention. Since the headline is the first chance to make that impact, you need to be sure to keep it succinct and informative. Start by Continue reading »

The Mindset of Success

MindseltYour Success Mindset

This is an immense subject and thousands of pages have been written on the topic. As a response to some recent inquiries, I only want to briefly touch some of the concepts on how to build a success mindset.

If you don’t believe that you can succeed, you will constantly sabotage yourself and no matter what you do and how much you work, it is likely that you won’t succeed.

Recognize and discard negative core beliefs that sabotage your success

Are you able to believe in your success? If not, what is preventing you from doing so? What are the thought patterns and core beliefs that keep you from trusting in your success?

Take some time and dig. Get out all those limiting beliefs, put them on paper and then start looking at them one after another.   Over time, we pick up those false and limiting beliefs from our parents, from friends, the media, and from society in general.

Once you become aware of those core beliefs and you start looking at them from a rational, logical point of view, you quickly realize that they don’t really make much sense and you can let go of them.

Typical core beliefs may be:

  • This is too complicated
  • I’m just not good enough
  • My friends think I am nuts for considering this
  • I’m not made for this
  • I never went to college
  • I don’t have time
  • I probably don’t have any talent
  • No one in my family ever achieved anything
  • As usual, this won’t work
  • I’m just too stupid to get it right
  • I don’t have the right connections to make this work
  • I’m not intelligent enough to succeed…

Your success isn’t determined by your education, connections, ethnic background, IQ… it is only determined by what you believe. Continue reading »

Introducing WordPress 3.6

WordPress version 3.6 has arrived!

Be sure you do a full backup – which includes BOTH your database and your contents – before you upgrade.

We always recommend waiting a few days to upgrade, so that you hit that consummate spot of best compatibility while still keeping security risks under control. Having said that, you are apt to be fine should you choose to upgrade earlier.  This version was in development phase so long.

Bear in mind that leaving your site non-upgraded for more than a week can be a serious security hazard. So play it safe and make sure you upgrade.

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How to Protect Yourself from Ghostwriting Scam Projects

Ghost Writer - Protect Yourself from ScamsSix Thoughts to Protect Yourself from Ghostwriting Scam Projects

1.     Utilize Job Sites

Unfortunately the world of online ghostwriting can be rife with scammers trying to get their hands on content that they never intend to pay for. You’ll encounter at least one of these frauds if you seriously take on ghostwriting.

What you can do to protect yourself is to sign up with and find work only through established job sites. These job marketplaces are designed to protect the employers and the freelancers. Instead of opening up a website of your own you can utilize these platforms to find genuine employers who have been verified by a community of freelancers.

2.     Know Your Rights on the Job Site

All job sites offer some kind of dispute resolution service through their platform. To use this service you will need Continue reading »