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Social Bookmarking- Does It Still Work?

Social BookmarkingDoes Social Bookmarking Still Work?

After so many algorithm updates and so many sites getting penalized by Google and losing their rankings, many people are wondering whether or not social bookmarking is still an effective marketing strategy. It’s a valid concern, since so many people used this approach to generate backlinks.

The problem is that their approach was not exactly the most favorable for success. Since most people used automated systems to create hundreds, even thousands, of backlinks, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the search engines caught on to what was happening and penalized these sites in the process.

The good news is that social bookmarking is probably even more effective than before, as long as you do it the right way. So, what is the right way? Firstly, you need to become an integral part of the community. Then you need to offer value –  and only then should you be sharing your own content to build backlinks and drive traffic. Continue reading »

Solo Ads Instead!

Solo Ads Next Time!Why Solo Ads Instead of Other Marketing?

With all the forms of free marketing available to people, why is it that a majority of marketers prefer using solo ads? After all Twitter, Facebook, and many other forms of social media are essentially free and you reach a reasonable amount of people. Why should someone pay someone else to place an ad on their mailing list?

If you’re not completely familiar with the effectiveness of solo ads than this article should come as a pleasant surprise. Everything that you wish to do and the marketing world can be accomplished by using solo ads!

Solo ads are some of the most cost-effective tools for generating a large mailing list. This is the number one reason that most marketers are interested in solo ads. Yet if you also take the time to properly create a marketing funnel that is tuned to the right kind of lists, you can build business quickly, generate leads, generate sales, have plenty of conversions as well as begin to make money quickly when compared to other forms of marketing. Continue reading »

Solo Ads – Basic Guidelines

Solo AdsQuick Tips For Solo Ads Success

There has been a lot of discussion as to how quickly a marketer can benefit from the right kind of solo ads. If you’re unsure exactly what solo ads is, is simply when you pay someone to place e-mail advertisement to their mailing list. The reason why this could be such a good thing to do is that mailing lists tend to have a much higher response rate when generating leads and conversions especially if the mailing list you wish to advertise to is interested in your products and services.

Maybe you’re thinking about doing solo ads or heard how valuable solo ads can be because of the affordability and how well they can produce when it comes to providing leads and conversions. There’s a lot of truth to this as marketers are having a really good success once they get past the initial learning curve. In order to help speed up the process and how a little bit with your learning curve put together a few quick tips for solo ad success:

1.      Find people who have huge lists and are good providers -absolutely the most important thing you need to do is to find good solo add service providers that have a track record you can see. The way to do this is to join a website such as http://safe-swaps.com where you can see actual results from other people that have paid to have ads done. Continue reading »

Basic Twitter Considerations


Twitter Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Lot’s of conversations recently about Twitter…

Despite the utter casualness of the Twitterverse, the fact is that this social media domain still operates on specific rules and regulations that must be followed. Otherwise, you might find yourself being ignored in one of the most influential marketing platforms today.

That being said, following are some tips on what you should and should not do during Twitter Marketing.




  • Do not use hashtags more than twice within a single tweet. Twitter is capable of monitoring this and can get you suspended if it becomes too much.
  • Do not over use the trending hashtags of the day. Hashtags are used to monitor tweets into categories and using them too often will dilute the data.
  • Do not overtweet; your followers might not like it if you are flooding their newsfeed. Instead, stick to a specific tweeting schedule.
  • Do not ask your followers to retweet every time you make a new update unless you’re giving them something worthy of an RT. This is usually a sale, game or useful information.
  • Do not combine trending hashtags with an unrelated update; this can be a cause of suspension.
  • Do not post links that are of no relation to the content of your tweet. Continue reading »

Social Bookmarking for Business

social-bookmarkingA Quick Overview of Social Bookmarking for Business

Got some basic questions after our last article, so here is a brief synopsis.

Social bookmarking refers to a web service that allows you to tag or bookmark online content, whether it’s an article, video, podcast or photograph, allowing you to save it for later viewing as well as to share with friends and acquaintances.

These bookmarks can be tagged with custom keywords so that other people can find them on the social bookmarking websites. They can then be sorted according to tags, date shared and category. Furthermore, you can include descriptions for each bookmark, which can help to attract even more viewers.

Clearly, social bookmarking can be a powerful tool, if one goes about it the right way. Unfortunately, many people think it is completely ineffective, but that is because they are still using it as they were a few years ago, when spamming links to dozens if not hundreds of social bookmarking sites was not only acceptable but even recommended so people could get as many links as possible to their sites or even to their second-tier sites.

Continue reading »