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Business Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking BusinessSocial Bookmarking and Your Business

When one says social bookmarking, most people think of a system that allows them to share links to webpages, videos, articles, podcasts, photos or other types of content they like with their friends. While social bookmarking is all of this, it can also be a powerful tool for a business because it offers business owners a way to connect with their target market and show their expertise.

However, as with any marketing channel, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. First of all, you don’t want to spam links all over a social bookmarking site. If you try, you can be certain everyone will avoid you like the plague. And your goal isn’t just to get backlinks but to get people to read your content and follow you. Continue reading »

Plan Your HubPages Entry

HubPages PlanPreparing To Write a HubPages Entry the Right Way

You’re getting ready to write the best HubPages hub anyone’s ever seen. Your hub is going to receive tons of upvotes, comments and you’re going to receive a lot more additions to your network, too. In order to create the ultimate hub, you need to plan.

This cannot be understated. The best HubPages entries inform, educate and/or entertain. They’re set apart from their competitors and readers always come away feeling as though they gained something. This is what the ultimate HubPages hubs provide and here’s how to create one.

Plan Accordingly

If you want your HubPages hubs to make an impact, you must plan accordingly. You should have extensive knowledge about your subject, you should know key buzzwords that people ‘in the know’ might use and, most of all, you must know your audience thoroughly. What problems are your prospects and customers facing that you can help them with? What questions do you normally get asked by people interested in your company, products and/or services? These are the types of questions you will want to ask yourself and these are the lines of thought to follow if you hope to create engaging HubPages hubs that make a difference. Continue reading »

Get the Most Out of Your Guest Blogging

Guest BloggerHow to Get the Most Out of Your Guest Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate their ideas about topics that interest them with other people who share their passions. Millions of people worldwide are creating fresh, original blogs daily, and tens of millions of other people are reading them.

As bloggers publish articles with high-value content for their readers, the number of loyal followers they have grows quickly. It isn’t unusual for an established blogger to have hundreds of people eagerly awaiting their next blog post, especially if they have a keen interest in the blogger’s niche.

This has a unique benefit to Internet marketers because these devoted readers are often the same people who buy products and services related to these niches. So it stands to reason that many marketers today are looking for opportunities to write guest blogs on the blog pages of established bloggers. Continue reading »

Use Yahoo Answers – Three Steps to Success

Yahoo AnswersThree Steps To Success – When You Use Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a truly powerful platform that most businesses are not aware of. If you follow these three simple steps you will be able to generate leads, increase traffic and even build a responsive mailing list, all for free and with as little as half an hour of your time each day.

Joining Yahoo Answers may be one of the best marketing decisions that you ever make. Not only is it free to use but is one of the best ways to connect with people in your niche and learn from them and also help them. Part of the process of helping these people is to “educate them into” wanting your products and services. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Join yahoo answers and begin answering questions for people that will relate directly to your products and services.
  2. Develop a positive relationship with these people and provide quality answers that truly solve Continue reading »

Solo Ads to Fuel Your Marketing Funnel

Solo Ads FuelThe Solo Ad Marketing Funnel

Most marketers are aware of the need to have a well thought out marketing funnel. Typically a marketing funnel will be put together with the knowledge that what fuels the entire process is traffic; then – leads, clicks and of course, conversions.

Understanding that solo ads can fuel the entire process much faster and help you grow a large mailing list is something that if you haven’t considered, you strongly should. The creation of a solo ad marketing funnel should take into consideration the kind of niche; the kind of sub niche or sub niches that exist; and how you can funnel traffic into all of your offers.  You should also have a complete understanding of list that is owned by the solo ad provider.

Remember you only have to pay for the traffic once and once you’ve captured a lead you can make offer after offer. This is the heart of the solo ad marketing funnel.

There are many forms of  marketing funnels that have been developed and documented (called mind maps or Continue reading »