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Apply These Principles For A New Ghostwriting Project

Ghost Writer Practices7 Good Practices for Starting Every New Ghostwriting Project

#1. Get As Much Out of the Client as You Can:

The first step to getting any project started out right is to find out what your client wants. Do not always expect the client to have a fully thought out idea of what they want. Ask them questions about the style or tone they want for the content. You can ask them about their target audience which will help you to better understand the audience you are writing for. Bottom line, if you are unsure about anything ask your client before making a decision you might have to revise.

#2. Create a Schedule for the Project: Continue reading »

Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram copy7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business By Using Instagram

Instagram is an effective way to create more interest to your business and see an increase in sales and revenue. Below is a list of some of the quick ways you can connect with other people who are using Instagram and create more interest to your products and services by using photographs you create.


  1. Visually show people what you can do with photographs. Encourage everyone to get involved in your pictures and grow your audience. Create more interest by challenging others to post a picture that is better than yours and pass it around to their friends by comparing photographs.
  2. Get involved with other Instagram users. Ask people to reply with comments to your photographs. Once you get people involved you can then organize local meet up groups or even invite people into your shop if you own a storefront. Continue reading »