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Avoid This If You Want to Succeed with Kindle Publishing

Kindle BenefitsThe Number One Mistake to Avoid If You Want to Succeed with Kindle Publishing

While Kindle publishing has allowed many authors to achieve their dreams of not only becoming published but also hitting the bestseller lists, there are many more writers who have failed completely. Sadly, more often than not, the problem isn’t that their book isn’t any good but more a matter of not realizing there’s a lot more to Kindle publishing success than writing a great book.

Marketing Is Essential to Kindle Publishing Success

One area many authors avoid like the plague is marketing. In fact, some don’t even want to hear that they have to promote their book, claiming they would rather go through a traditional publisher since that means they don’t have to handle the business aspect of things. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true because a traditional publisher will rarely invest as much time and energy as is really needed in ensuring a book is successful, especially if the author is considered a midlist writer. Continue reading »