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Change Your Business For The Better With Solo Ads

Solo AdsSolo Ads Can Change Your Business For The Better

If you ask any marketer the single most important aspect of their business, most will tell you that lead generation, conversions as well as ongoing sales are critical. Because of the constantly changing search engine landscape, it is difficult for most people to consistently rank their websites on page 1 on Google.

The main reason that business owners want to rank their websites is precisely for lead generation, conversions and of course ongoing sales. The more targeted traffic the better. Many business owners believe that the only way to actually rank their pages on top of Google is to pay for ads. Similarly, most owners and marketers don’t like having to pay for expensive clicks to both Google places and the traditional Google AdWords. Continue reading »

Answer Your Way To Success

YAHOOANSWERSCommunicate Your Way To Success On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers has become like the new Wikipedia on the Internet. It is also one of the biggest information sharing communities in the world.  Yahoo Answers receives around 50 million visits every day.  In the USA alone there are over 20 million users (old numbers) and billions of questions have been answered worldwide.   It doesn’t matter what kind of question you ask there is usually someone who will answer. Everyone knows a little bit about something. Each of us has different knowledge base and Yahoo Answers knows this. Continue reading »

Blogging Tips Infographic

Today, blogging is a way of life. Blogging became more than just making a few new friends or connecting with a few hundred people. It can be about touching millions of lives in your own unique way. For some it became more than just “making money”, and more of “making money AND becoming famous”. I suppose it is in our human nature to strive for a little bit of fame some time in our life. We go out of the way to update our status on our Facebook page, to tweet our latest job offer on Twitter, or share our daily experiences on camera through YouTube. These days you don’t need to purchase expensive T.V. ad spots, get costly magazine or newspaper coverage, or spend countless hours creating special connections with people to get your voice heard. In past articles, we have talked about numerous “tips” and simple steps you can take to create a blog of your own in a matter of hours.  Whether you’re seasoned or new at blogging ­­­­– today, just a short summary Infographic that provides select guidelines covering the distance from beginning to end!   Continue reading »

Better Content: Write Daily But Don’t Post

BloggingPractice equals better content.

In another life, (many, many years ago) I  played professional golf.  I learned quickly that if you want to do something well, you need to do a lot of it.  I spent a lot of time practicing. Blogging is no exception.

Managing a great blog is all about writing great content. There are of course other aspects, such as a great design and a solid marketing strategy. But without tremendous content, there’s no reason for readers to stop by.

So, if you want to write great content, you should endeavor to write every day. But you should not publish every day.

Writing Daily does not mean Posting Daily

If you push out too much new content too quickly at some point, you’ll run out of ideas. If you continue posting every day when you run out of ideas, your blog’s going to fill up with mediocre stuff.

There’s a huge difference between writing daily and posting daily. I might have practiced golf every day, but I did not play every day. Writing every day is all about practicing your writing skills, getting better, and not getting out of the habit.

Whether it is a successful sports figure, successful musician, or successful blogger, would you think they practice when they feel like it, maybe once or twice a month? Of course not, they practice at every available opportunity, so they can be the best. If you want to stand out as a blogger, that’s something you should aim for, as well.

Take a Break

You have been working hard, your imagination has been peaking and you just came up with several ideas for new posts, that is great news!  Now, do not spoil it by posting them all at once!

From experience I know how tempting it can be to share your latest posts as soon as they’re fully written. But if you’re like most of us, thinking up and creating new ideas is not something you can do on a schedule; and they don’t come every day. You have to seize the ideas as they come, make some notes, and either write a post immediately– or write it at the next available opportunity. Just discipline yourself that you can’t post every time an idea comes into your head – you’ll have 2 or 3 big ideas posted at the same time, and then nada for few days.

Now, having said all that, I do think you should stick to a regular blogging schedule; and your blog topics should be pertinent to your overall blog theme. You will find it is easier to do that if you write each day but don’t post.


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