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Have you tried tsu?

Have you tried tsu?  It is a fun new social media site….check it out at www.tsu.co/precisely

If you hadn’t heard of Tsu, it’s a new social network that actually pays you to be active on the site and publish content. Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’) is the first social network that is opening up its bank to share 90% of the revenue generated with it’s users. It’s not retirement kind of money but it’s a possible free lunch  every month if you’re active.

I would  recommend that you signup even if you aren’t going to be active just to reserve your user name.

We will watch and see how Tsu grows in the long term.  So far– it’s become a top 3000 website in the USA in under a month with over a million users. Continue reading »

Facebook Introduces Say Thanks

saythanks1 Introducing Say Thanks

This week not much was happening, but Facebook Introduces Say Thanks, a way to create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook. The new Facebook video cards allow you to “share a Say Thanks video with a close friend, your significant other, a relative, a coworker, an old friend—or anyone else in your life who you’d like to celebrate.”

If you go to https://www.facebook.com/thanks on your computer you will see:


If you are on your mobile device it looks like this: Continue reading »

Exciting Visual Photographs Create More Instagram Success

InstagramCreate More Instagram Success

How many pictures have you looked at this year with puppies and kittens doing cute things? How many times did you smile when you saw those images?

Maybe you were looking at a sunset on a tropical beach that was full of reds, pinks and yellows. Did it make you want to sail off somewhere and just relax?

Have you seen some of the latest strange, peculiar, out of focus images that people from all over the world are posting on Instagram? You know the ones that look like a 5 year old took with an old Polaroid camera but they just hold your attention.

What you are seeing and feeling is the same response millions of people all around the world are feeling by looking through Instagram eyes. There is a mixture of beauty, passion, creativity and emotions that provoke us into certain thoughts and feelings. Very few words need to spoken when a picture can project everything in one single snapshot and it does not matter what language you speak; pictures generally say the same thing to us all. Continue reading »