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Thanks and Happy Imagination!

happy-new-year-2015-image-3d-HD-wallpaper copyHappy New Year

As we start 2015, I wanted to take a minute and thank each of you! Thank you for being a part of my life and business in 2014. And, what a great year it has been! It has been my privilege to serve you and your business and I am looking forward to more great things in 2015!

I have been reflecting on my 2014, as we often do this time of year, right? This is the time as a brand new year begins, we start focusing on our New Year resolutions. In some cases, we go so far as to make a list!

I really dislike New Year’s resolutions. My distaste of resolutions stems from the reality that I am completely incapable of keeping them. Can’t do it. I don’t think I’m alone either. When was the last time you heard someone boasting about successfully making it to the gym 4 times a week for the entire year, or how they spent less and saved more, wrote a book, and dedicated more time to be with family? Seldom, if ever, because here’s the unpleasant truth: New Year’s resolutions may begin as the brilliant breakthrough that will take us to new personal heights, but they always mature into a nagging reminder of our failed aspirations and hopes.

The reality is that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for most!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having goals but I think our New Year eagerness and enthusiasm sometimes blinds us to reality.

This year, I challenge you to throw out the concept of New Year Resolutions…don’t even make those lists! Instead my wish to you for 2015 is a free imagination.

We have often urged our readers to Turn Your Passion into Profit and Just Take a Step–Go Try Things. I hope that your goal for this New Year is to Free and Release your Imagination.

This year when your imagination starts to soar, go with it. Maybe you are considering a trip to South America or Europe for a second home; thinking about writing that first EBook; perhaps envisioning expanding your business in Cuba; maybe you are contemplating starting a new business; getting involved in a network marketing organization, or simply studying a new opportunity?

Someone or something might try to reign you in. Ignore them or it and let your imagination soar without limit.

Let Go and Let Your Imagination Fly. We live in a world that is dominated by bad news, not because it is all bad, but because bad news sells- it also limits us. We live in an era where commercial forces try to restrict your imagination. The media and advertising purposes to sell you on living and thinking in a way that profits its clients, not necessarily you. Social and economic forces attempt to push you into a box. It’s effective because it is pervasive. Don’t let it hinder you and thwart your imagination!

Be spontaneous sometimes and do not restrict yourself. Let 2015 be your year of free imagination. Fly high. Soar. Don’t reign life’s possibilities in- let them develop. Release your imagination. Let your passions lead you to ideas for profit and go try things. Best way to predict the future is to invent it.

2015 here we come!

Blessings to you and yours!


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with