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10 Common Fiverr Oversights

FiverrErors10 Common Fiverr Oversights

New to Fiverr?  You are not alone, suddenly we had a flurry of questions on our website. If you’re serious about making money on Fiverr (and I know your are), there are some very common errors you really want to avoid.

  1. Aiming at high competition niches is a big mistake. Why aim at something that everyone else is doing when you can be completely unique and corner your own market? Besides, do you really want to compete in a niche where sellers have awesome ratings and loads of positive feedback when you’re just starting out?


  1. Don’t skip the step of adding tags to your gig. Tags are what makes it easier for buyers to find your gig, so make it easy for them.


  1. Using unprofessional descriptions and wording can paint a poor image in the buyer’s mind. You really want your gig to stand out so the buyer trusts you’re serious about the service you’re offering.


  1. Don’t use bad graphics or poorly-created images in your gig description. If you’re trying to give buyers an idea of what you’re capable of creating, keep your thumbnails as clear as possible and make them look professional.


  1. Don’t ever exaggerate about what you’re offering or customers will feel as though you’re under-delivering on what they’re paying for. This is a sure way to get buyers leaving you negative feedback or a Thumbs Down in your ratings.


  1. Communication is key. Far too many newbies avoid communicating with customers. Always take the time to communicate directly with them. Give them updates on where you’re up to and let them know if you’re having problems. It helps to reassure them that their work is being done and they’re far more likely to leave positive feedback if you do.


  1. Once you reach level 1 Seller Status, you’re able to use Gig Extras. These are value-added services you can add to your base service for an extra amount of money. Don’t make the mistake of taking these for granted, as they could be worth a lot of extra money to you.


  1. Don’t make the mistake of not promoting your gigs. While there are always buyers searching the Fiverr site, you’ll get lots more orders if you promote your gigs elsewhere online as well. This might be on your own blog or in social media sites, but it all adds up to more people seeing your gigs.


  1. Don’t give up too soon. One of the biggest mistakes most newbies make is giving up on Fiverr too soon. It takes time to build up your ratings and your customer base, but once you’re there the orders roll in like clockwork.


  1. The biggest possible mistake of all is not making Fiverr fun. You have the opportunity to earn money doing things you find easy or fun. You’ll find it’s easier to stay motivated if you offer gigs doing things you already enjoy.


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