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Groups on Google Plus Run Circles Around the Competition

Google Circles

Groups on Google Plus Run Circles Around the Competition

 Once you have established your Google plus account you may decide that you want to start a group. Groups are powerful ways of attracting business. For example, if what you are selling is primarily about helping  people live off the grid, then you should consider starting a circle or group that will invite other similar businesses like “Surviving Off The Grid”, to promote to.

The idea of a group is not just to sell your products but to invite others with the same type of interests. Once your group is set up in Google, promote it through your circles encouraging them to join the group. The tags that you add will also make it available to other people searching for unique groups to join. People in those circles will then send out their own invitations on your behalf too. They can invite more circles in to join the group and keep adding to the followers this way. It is a truly cool way to have your groups grow in almost a viral manner.

Similar Google circles, whether individual or business, will eventually want to connect with your group. As the owner of the group, you are not required to connect back. However some of these connections may have thousands of followers too.  If you allow them to promote some their products in your group, they will invite more of their followers and promote the group for you.

Some people will naturally want to follow your group because they are interested in “survival, gardening and alternative ways of doing things”. They may have previously looked up your group through the search engine parameters. From random people simply searching out a specific keyword on the internet you can build up a large audience to your group very quickly.

Before you follow someone back check out their Google plus profile first. Spam is a nuisance to any person’s circle or group. If there is very little information in the connecting profile, then you need to consider what this person will be promoting in your group too. Is the profile in a different language? Unless you can translate another language, how will you know what this profile is all about?

Your group will eventually take on a life of its own. This is the intention– you don’t have to do much to promote your products but you have similar followers promoting like-minded interests on your behalf. Remember you can create a huge list of people that will eventually want to pay attention to what you are promoting for a long time to come. By taking control of the flow of your Google group, it can become an excellent tool for growing your business.

For more information about Google groups check out this link:GooglePlus Breakthrough. For a free report to peek your interest with some key elements to mastering this powerful platform review Mastering GooglePlus Now.


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