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AdWords – Pros and Cons

Pro-Con AdwordsPPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is an excellent option to organic SEO.  It can be used to more quickly get your website on the first page of search engine results and  increase traffic.  Google’s PPC program is called AdWords and whether you are an internet entrepreneur or a large corporation it is still the most popular.

This pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model is very tempting because it allows you to control precisely how your advertising budget is spent. You only pay when a prospect clicks your ad and is directed to your site which should ideally be a more targeted and creative landing page.  Of course, you also have the ability to track the success of your ads using your AdWords Account and Google Analytics software. Google AdWords provides a great deal of flexibility and fits a wide range of budgets.  The program allows you to set limits on your “ad spend” including cost per click (CPC) and your daily spend to control your expenses.

When considering the use of Google AdWords as a marketing tool there are pros and cons; let’s take a look at just a few of them.

The Pros:

Quick – Frankly, a Google Adwords PPC campaign is one of the quickest ways to generate traffic for your website. Relying on organic search using SEO can take weeks, sometimes months to take effect. AdWords is more or less instant. You can be up and running on AdWords in a very short period of time.

Now, there is certainly a lot more to AdWords than just campaigns, ad-groups  keywords and ads, but these are the building blocks. So, you do a bit of keyword research, decide on your budget, set up a campaign and a few ad-groups  write some catchy ad copy, and you are off to the races. Your ads will appear as soon as they’ve been approved. Continue reading »

Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Adwords-FB adsMost marketers have this debate as to which is better: Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? I think you should be open to options and possibilities on which strategy will work best for you. Here are some thoughts from some of online marketers and entrepreneurs as to which one is actually better.

  • Platform motive.  Some believe that it is not good to advertise on Facebook for a number of reasons: Users want someone they can converse with, not to be advertised to. It’s a place where people relax and talk to friends after a long day’s work at the office. So for some it is absolutely Google AdWords over Facebook ads due to its focus and ability to get sales lead.
  • Google ads target users while they are looking for a product, while Facebook ads target groups of people.  There are also people who suggest that Facebook is an “awareness and branding” channel where people go on Facebook to play farmville, chat, update their statuses and check up on their friends, etc. In other words Facebook is not an exclusively lead generation channel but only a supporting channel. It is perfect for building an online reputation and a brand but not in generating leads. But if people browse through the search engines, they go there to either research or purchase something. Again, many marketers still prefer Google AdWords over Facebook Ads.
  • Campaign Objective. In Google AdWords, the goal is to get your ad seen by the people Continue reading »

Adwords- Fix these Common Oversights

Adwords-OversightsMost marketers start out trying to drive traffic to their websites using free marketing methods. It doesn’t take them long to figure out that this doesn’t always bring them the results they hoped for.

From here, they tend to spend too much time, money and energy trying to harness the power of PPC marketing through Google Adwords. Most of them end up losing money – or worse – attracting the wrong visitors and making no sales.

Want to know why?



It’s because they aren’t focusing on researching the exact keywords that bring in their ideal target audience to guarantee high conversion rates.

This is a major mistake.

The number one rule in PPC marketing is to know exactly what keywords will bring you the best possible results for whatever niche you’re in and then know precisely how to put them into an ad that gets massive response.

Believe it or not, it’s really easy to find these perfect keywords. You just need to know what your market wants and then give it to them.

You can really boost your business enormously with PPC marketing and you’ll find plenty more helpful tips at Adwords Master Plan. These are all designed to give you a massive advantage in your own PPC marketing strategies.

Here is another thought. Continue reading »

Adwords Master Plan

Adwords The Master PlanDid you know that PPC marketing still offers the best opportunities to reach out to your target audience? You have the power to get your ad right in front of people who are searching for exactly what you’re promoting.

Yet so many online business owners struggle to get any real results from PPC marketing at all.

If you knew you could get thousands of highly targeted visitors reading your ad every day and visiting your site to find out more, would that improve your sales?

It really is possible to leverage PPC marketing to your advantage very easily – as long as you know the right strategies to follow.

That’s where the majority of marketers fail. They tend to jump into the deep end with their marketing efforts and then flounder around until they give up.

Don’t let this happen to your marketing efforts. Take the time to really learn how to harness the power behind PPC marketing and you could launch your business to the next level.

There are plenty more PPC marketing tips available to help you get started on the right foot. You can find them here: Adwords Master Plan. Continue reading »