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Keywords and Domain Names: What They Have in Common

Domains and KeywordKeywords and Domain Names: What They Have in Common

Reselling domain names can be a highly lucrative business, as long as you understand it. Buying a bunch of domains without doing any research and hoping they will sell is a sure-fire way of losing your investment and abandoning your new venture. As with any business, you really need to understand how domain speculation works before you jump in feet first.

As you can imagine, one of the most critical aspects of domain reselling is choosing the right domain name. In domain speculation, domains are your products. This means that you need to find products people want to buy and while there are many strategies you can employ, one is likely well known to you, namely keyword research.

Think like an Internet Marketer

If you’ve spent even a little time online researching internet marketing, you’ll likely already know that a critical aspect to succeeding is finding the right keywords. If you find high traffic keywords with low competition, then you are set because ranking highly in the SERPs will be very easy. So, what does this have to do with reselling domain names? Continue reading »

Going Into Business Selling Domain Names

Domain sellingGoing Into Business Selling Domain Names

Domain names are the equivalent of real estate online. They represent the street address of a website and, as such, are highly valued. And, like real estate, they have become a valuable commodity that can be traded for a significant profit, especially if you know what you are doing.

If you’ve decided to go into business selling domain names because it seems to be easy and you can make a fortune, you might want to rethink your strategy a bit. Yes, domain speculation can be highly lucrative but at the same time you can end up stuck with a bunch of domains you can’t sell, so there is quite a bit of risk involved as well. So, how can you increase your odds for success?

Research the Business and the Market

Information is power and in the game of selling domain names it can make or break you. The more you know Continue reading »

Develop or Park Your Domain Names?

Should You Develop or Park Your Domain Names?

If you are in the business of reselling domain names, you may have an extensive portfolio of domains.  The question is, though, what you should do with those domain names while waiting for a buyer?  Should you just let them sit there? Or should you try and make a little extra cash by developing or parking them? It’s really up to you but, generally, you’ll probably want to maximize your earnings on each and every domain, so you probably want to at least consider parking them.

Parking Domain Names

Parking a domain means that whenever someone lands on that specific URL, they will see a page of advertisements related to the domain name. So, a domain name that is related to electronics will feature ads with appliances, for example. Continue reading »

Choosing the Right Domain Names

Domain namesChoosing the Right Domain Names

Selling domain names has become an incredibly lucrative business and it’s not hard to see why. A domain is the equivalent of a business’ street address online and it has been discovered that many people tend to type in their query into their browser bar rather than run a search, meaning the value of the right domain name is incredibly high. Thus, if one knows how to choose the right domain names, they can make a sizeable profit. But, how does one go about choosing domain names to ensure a profit?

Keep It Short and Sweet

Domain names that are short will always bring a higher profit simply because they are easier to remember, especially in casual conversation. Everyone wants a simple domain name that is easy to remember because it increases the likelihood of direct traffic, in other words people typing the address right into their browser bar instead of running a search.

So, the shorter the domain name and the easier it is to remember, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers.

Avoid Separators

Continuing along the lines of a domain name that is easy to remember, you need to avoid using separators in the name you choose. In other words, portablecomputers.com is much more valuable than portable_computers.com. First of all, people are likely to forget the separator when they type the address in, which will lead them to a different site. Secondly, it is simpler to mention a URL without a separator in casual conversation and certainly easier to remember. Continue reading »

Can You Make Money Selling Domain Names?

Domains for SaleCan You Make Money Selling Domain Names?

With so many ways to make money online and the majority of them being highly dependent on having a good URL, it’s not surprising that domain names have become a highly valued commodity. Thus, many entrepreneurs have come to the conclusion that reselling domains can be highly profitable. So, while you can make money from domain speculation, you need to understand that it is also a risky business.

The Risks of Selling Domain Names

Going into business selling domain names will automatically require an initial investment. The amount you invest can be as little as $50 but you have to remember there is no guarantee the domains you purchase will sell, let alone for a profit.

Of course, you can do a lot to increase your chances of making a profit by making sure you choose domain names with potential, but even then there is no certainty that you will find someone willing to pay you to purchase the domain from you.

So, this is why it is imperative that you don’t go into the business of selling domain names if you don’t have an alternate source of income, at least at first. It will take a while for you to learn what works and what doesn’t and if you give up your day job right away, you could find yourself in dire straits.

Even established domain speculators will tell you that they have periods when nothing sells and that they’ve also bought tons of domains they couldn’t sell or had to sell at a loss, especially if they paid a premium for them. The key is to have realistic expectations.

Realistic Expectations Are Essential

No business will be profitable right out of the gate, which is why you need to set realistic goals and expectations. You’ll see domains being sold for huge amounts of money but you have to remember that for every domain that sells for $10,000, for example, there are thousands that sell for under $50 and these are just the ones being sold by resellers.

So, you need to be realistic and understand that finding a domain that will make you rich overnight is highly unlikely. In fact, many of your sales will probably be well under the $50 mark but even so, that is still an excellent profit on something you paid less than $10 for.

Reselling domain names can be a great business but you need to be prepared that not everything you buy will sell and that you won’t become rich overnight. As long as your expectations are realistic, though, and you do your research properly when it comes to picking domain names, you have a much better chance of developing a sustainable business that will generate a profit for you in the long term. You can find out exactly how to do that here Precise Strategy’s Domain Flipping Blueprint.  Or, get started with a free review Fast Cash With Domain Names.


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