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Apply These Principles For A New Ghostwriting Project

Ghost Writer Practices7 Good Practices for Starting Every New Ghostwriting Project

#1. Get As Much Out of the Client as You Can:

The first step to getting any project started out right is to find out what your client wants. Do not always expect the client to have a fully thought out idea of what they want. Ask them questions about the style or tone they want for the content. You can ask them about their target audience which will help you to better understand the audience you are writing for. Bottom line, if you are unsure about anything ask your client before making a decision you might have to revise.

#2. Create a Schedule for the Project: Continue reading »

How to Protect Yourself from Ghostwriting Scam Projects

Ghost Writer - Protect Yourself from ScamsSix Thoughts to Protect Yourself from Ghostwriting Scam Projects

1.     Utilize Job Sites

Unfortunately the world of online ghostwriting can be rife with scammers trying to get their hands on content that they never intend to pay for. You’ll encounter at least one of these frauds if you seriously take on ghostwriting.

What you can do to protect yourself is to sign up with and find work only through established job sites. These job marketplaces are designed to protect the employers and the freelancers. Instead of opening up a website of your own you can utilize these platforms to find genuine employers who have been verified by a community of freelancers.

2.     Know Your Rights on the Job Site

All job sites offer some kind of dispute resolution service through their platform. To use this service you will need Continue reading »

Pick a Ghostwriting Style

Ghost Writer expert copyDifferent Styles of Online Ghostwriting

Online ghostwriting is a huge industry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of writers and aspiring writers queuing to make some extra money. Some even want to make online ghostwriting a way of comfortable living. With all this competition and talent how do you separate yourself? Make yourself stand out?

The answer is simple, specialization. Find out what kind of a writer you are or want to be and pursue jobs accordingly instead of going after every job that you can. Here are some of the areas you can specialize in as an online ghostwriter ­­– purse a segment and then market it as your absolute area of expertise.

Article Writers

Article writers form by far the largest Internet ghostwriting group. Good article ghostwriters need to be skillful in researching and turning around content quickly.

Ghost Bloggers

If you have an engaging and personable way of writing then blog writing might suit you. Good ghost bloggers are Continue reading »

Pitfalls to Avoid When Ghostwriting

Ghost Writer PitfallsTry to Avoid These Ghostwriting Pitfalls

Taking on too much:

Spreading yourself to thin will be the fastest road away from your ghostwriting career. Know your limits and only take on work that you know you can complete without it getting stressful. Be smart about making money online.  With some effort, you can find jobs that will pay $15 each for 20 articles, rather than taking on a 100 articles at $3 each.

Taking on a project because it pays more:

When you see a big budget for a project it does not mean you have to bid on it. Pick projects based on your area of expertise not the dollar signs. If you pick projects where you can’t deliver you will not only have unhappy clients, but will have spent a lot wasted time and effort.  When you do that, the possibility (or probability) exists that you might get some poor feedback and a poor reference.

Failing to price your skills right:

Another way to deal oneself the short end of the proverbial stick is by pricing themselves too high or too low. If you hourly or per word rate is higher than what your skill set and experience deserves you will lose out on good jobs. On the other hand, if you price yourself too low you might win a lot of projects, but you’ll end up with the nine to midnight grind instead of the nine to five. Continue reading »

What to Consider When Selecting a Ghostwriting Project

Ghost WriterSelecting a Ghostwriting Project for Bidding- Consider the following.

When you start bidding on your first few projects as a ghostwriter you will need a few pointers to help you pick out projects that won’t have you running for the hills. Once you get the hang of the process, you will be able to weed out the good from the bad at a glance. Here are six things you should check before taking a job or even placing a bid.

Your Area of Expertise

Your writing style (copywriter, article writer, creative writer etc.) and your niche (if any) of expertise should coincide with the project. If you are a creative writer you will not be able to adapt to writing technical materials for websites. So you should assess your skills and make sure they work for the project before you bid.

Project’s Budget

When you create your profiles across different job sites you will be asked to put your hourly or per word Continue reading »