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Plan Your HubPages Entry

HubPages PlanPreparing To Write a HubPages Entry the Right Way

You’re getting ready to write the best HubPages hub anyone’s ever seen. Your hub is going to receive tons of upvotes, comments and you’re going to receive a lot more additions to your network, too. In order to create the ultimate hub, you need to plan.

This cannot be understated. The best HubPages entries inform, educate and/or entertain. They’re set apart from their competitors and readers always come away feeling as though they gained something. This is what the ultimate HubPages hubs provide and here’s how to create one.

Plan Accordingly

If you want your HubPages hubs to make an impact, you must plan accordingly. You should have extensive knowledge about your subject, you should know key buzzwords that people ‘in the know’ might use and, most of all, you must know your audience thoroughly. What problems are your prospects and customers facing that you can help them with? What questions do you normally get asked by people interested in your company, products and/or services? These are the types of questions you will want to ask yourself and these are the lines of thought to follow if you hope to create engaging HubPages hubs that make a difference. Continue reading »

HubPages vs Article Directories: Which Is Better?

HubPages vs Article Directories: Which Is Better?

You have a batch of articles that you’re about to post on one or more article directories, but you’re wondering if maybe HubPages would make a better home for them.  You should always follow your instincts. Just like most article directories, HubPages is free, so you can post as many articles as you wish. That’s where the similarities between the two end. The following should prove to you that writing hubs is a far better use of your time than merely publishing articles on article directories, especially if more traffic, attention and revenue are your primary goals.

Social Blogging Network: Unlike most online article directories, HubPages is a social network first and a blogging or article network second. You can gather followers, have those followers comment on and spread your articles and amass your own little marketing army, all with ever hub you write.

Earn Money: With HubPages, there is always the possibility that you’ll begin to earn a regular monthly income. You can opt to add Adsense and other ad networks to each of your hubs, which will help you earn money each time someone views and/or clicks on one of your ads. Continue reading »

HubPages vs Your Own Blog – Why a Hub Might be Better

HubPageHubPages vs Your Own Blog – Why a Hub Is Better

Thinking of generating attention with your own online articles? You have a couple choices. You can purchase your own domain and hosting and publish blog after blog in attempt to gain a following or you can simply create a HubPages hub.

The following will weigh the two against each other so that you can make the best decision for your Internet marketing efforts.

  1. Lower Cost: When you purchase your own domain and hosting, you have to spend money each and every year to maintain that online presence. With HubPages, guess how much you have to spend. You guessed it: Zero. It won’t cost you a thing to create and maintain a HubPages account. That should help you make your decision right there. But in case you’re not convinced, here are more reasons to choose a hub over your own hosting account.
  2. Easy To Submit Articles: When you host your own blog or website, you have to figure out the coding and all the other technical aspects that go into maintaining such an online presence. When you create and maintain a HubPages account, you will be able to submit articles with ease since the people behind the platform have done so much to keep things as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Earn Money Easily: When you host your own website or blog, you have to know what you’re doing if you hope to include ads and other revenue producing elements with your online efforts. With HubPages, you merely point and click, drag and drop and you’ll be able to add Adsense ads, Amazon wish lists and affiliate links and so much more. HubPages are essentially money-making magnets – that is if you know how to use them correctly.
  4. Unlimited Submissions: You can create a following easily with HubPages, as long as you provide a lot of content. Thanks to the unlimited submission policy at HubPages, you can create all the articles you want, generating more attention for your brand and more traffic to your websites and/or offers.
  5. Pay An Outsourcer: If you were to pay an outsourcer to write your blog content on a domain and hosting account you purchased, you’d have to give that person sensitive information so that he/she could publish the articles online. With HubPages, you merely have to give the person your hub password. Your information will remain safe as you earn more with your HubPages account.  In that regard, let’s take a minute and look at how you can expand your network using an outsourcer.

Expand Your Network with an Outsourcer and HubPages

Hubpage Profits

As an Internet marketer, you should always be looking for ways to expand your network. In the old days, you used to have to travel to conferences and seminars to expand your professional networks. These days you can do all your social networking via a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection. One online tool that you should never be without is HubPages. Not only can this social blogging platform gain you more attention and traffic to your site, business, products and services, but you’ll also expand your social network even further than it is now. If you can manage to throw an outsourcer into the mix, you’ll have a winning combination that is sure to succeed.

How Do You Outsource HubPages? Continue reading »

10 Reasons to Create a Hub on HubPages

HubPages Hubs10 Reasons to Create a Hub on HubPages

If you’re a web marketer interested in more traffic, more attention for your brand and more overall revenue, you should always include a HubPages hub with your Internet marketing campaigns.

A hub provides you with your very own platform where you can create engaging articles that inform, educate and/or entertain with the ability to gain followers and comments in every article you write.

HubPages is essentially a social network for writers. If you’re not on the platform yet, here are 10 reasons you may want to create a hub today.


  1. Ease of Use: The user-interface is just so easy that anyone can create a HubPages hub. The powers behind the social blogging platform have gone above and beyond to make the site incredibly user-friendly. That’s great news for marketers who don’t have a lot of time to figure new platforms out.
  2. Hosted Platform: With HubPages, there’s no need to purchase a domain and a separate hosting service for your articles. You are provided with your very own platform absolutely free.
  3. Backlinks: When you write a new entry for HubPages, you can include your links to build even more hyperlinks to your websites. This can provide you with even more targeted traffic. Continue reading »

5 Ways to Earn Money from HubPages

HubPagesEvery Internet marketer should include HubPages in with their other online marketing campaigns. There are many ways to earn with the social blogging platform that any marketer who isn’t using it is leaving money on the table for sure. The following five points should prove to you that creating your own HubPages profile is both a good idea and a potentially lucrative one.

  1. Ad Revenue: With HubPages, you only have to enter the code from the various ad platforms you belong to in order to start earning from every hub you write. You can include Google Adsense and other network ads on your hubs and you just might pull in regular monthly income.
  2. Amazon Affiliate: HubPages makes it easy to link your Amazon affiliate account to your profile. This allows you to sell relevant Amazon products with each hub you publish. Continue reading »