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5 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

images5 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

Published December 1, 2015
Excerpt from Social Media Examiner 


Are you wondering how to sell your products on Instagram?

Want some tips to get started?

To make the most of interactions with customers on Instagram, your images and descriptions need to stand out and purchasing needs to be as easy as possible.

In this article you’ll discover five tips for selling your products on Instagram.

#1: Develop a Signature Look

Before you start posting, think about how you want to position your products on your page. The right product placement is key to driving Instagram sales and engagement.Identify the aesthetic you want for your page and stick to it.

Once you have your product shots, use Instagrams internal filters or an app likeVSCO Cam to make your photos visually sharper and clearer. Remember that you want to showcase the true product to your customers, so sometimes no filter works best in social selling.

If you want to show one product in a variety of ways, try the Instagram Layout app. The app makes it easy to combine multiple images into a single image. Use it to show your product at different angles, which is particularly useful for fashion and jewelry businesses.

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A picture may be worth a thousand followers. You can get a helpful free resource called Instagram – A New Marketing Frontier that gives you some keys. The photographic world has changed, isn’t it time you did too?


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Exciting Visual Photographs Create More Instagram Success

InstagramCreate More Instagram Success

How many pictures have you looked at this year with puppies and kittens doing cute things? How many times did you smile when you saw those images?

Maybe you were looking at a sunset on a tropical beach that was full of reds, pinks and yellows. Did it make you want to sail off somewhere and just relax?

Have you seen some of the latest strange, peculiar, out of focus images that people from all over the world are posting on Instagram? You know the ones that look like a 5 year old took with an old Polaroid camera but they just hold your attention.

What you are seeing and feeling is the same response millions of people all around the world are feeling by looking through Instagram eyes. There is a mixture of beauty, passion, creativity and emotions that provoke us into certain thoughts and feelings. Very few words need to spoken when a picture can project everything in one single snapshot and it does not matter what language you speak; pictures generally say the same thing to us all. Continue reading »

Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram copy7 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business By Using Instagram

Instagram is an effective way to create more interest to your business and see an increase in sales and revenue. Below is a list of some of the quick ways you can connect with other people who are using Instagram and create more interest to your products and services by using photographs you create.


  1. Visually show people what you can do with photographs. Encourage everyone to get involved in your pictures and grow your audience. Create more interest by challenging others to post a picture that is better than yours and pass it around to their friends by comparing photographs.
  2. Get involved with other Instagram users. Ask people to reply with comments to your photographs. Once you get people involved you can then organize local meet up groups or even invite people into your shop if you own a storefront. Continue reading »

Instagram Success Strategies

InstagramStrategies For Instagram Success

Figuring out new strategies for business improvements is like being a Commander in an army. You have to always constantly rearrange, change and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Instagram isn’t that hard to figure out, but it offers business owners different ways to improve their strategies and success through photographs. We have a few ideas that can help people figure out where their photo success can be the most productive.

Research – Look into what you think your followers would love to see. What kind of images can you display that will make them respond in a positive way to your brand? Do not make a half attempt but instead create color and interest.

Click – Before you snap any pictures, take the time and think it through. Make all of your pictures exclusively to Instagram. You can post others photos in your Facebook community or other social media. Always remember to be personable and friendly.

Always Use #Hashtags – Always keep your hashtags relevant to your brand. Use some broad keywords and make sure the tags are specifically targeted. These are like keywords so that people will be able to search you out.

Pre-Arrange Photos – Organize your photos into categories. Use photos where you can post current events, or Continue reading »

Emotionally Charged by Instagram

Charge your BusinessEmotionally Charging Your Business through Instagram

Emotions control human behavior. Understanding this means that you can use powerful images to get the responses from people that you desire. You can do this with Instagram, one of the most unique and powerful forms of marketing.

If everyone would use Instagram for their business, it would be a world filled with photographs rather than a world filled with too many words. The right photographs can carry any emotion, whether it is laughter, happiness, reflection, anger or just joy, it prompts some kind of EMOTIONAL response from each of us.

As the world marketplace adjust the manner and the technique of doing business and attracting new prospects, perhaps you should be challenged as well. Should you be changing the way you look at your business?

It’s time to emotionally charge your business using Instagram. People are extremely stimulated by visual images, more now than ever. This is partially because we live in a world where there just isn’t enough time to read paragraphs of text and our visual media surrounds and directs us all the time to react to images. Continue reading »

One Hashtag Away From Photo Success

hashtagOne Hashtag Away From Photo Success

Just about every social media site is filled with photographs and these strange looking symbols # lately. What does it mean? Much has changed throughout the internet within a very short space of time and the latest way to connect with people is a simple hashtag. (#)

It’s brilliant, because anyone now has the opportunity to market without all the long winded keywords, and over the top articles. It means you can now take photos upload them into Instagram add a hashtag or two and call it day for some of your marketing. This also allows you to target an audience that is looking for certain photographs with the same kind of hashtags refine their search.

So hashtags are a way of labeling something so it shows up in searches. For example here is a hashtag: #vintage dresses.

By fine tuning your hashtags you are able to attract more interest in the business you are promoting. If you have a fashion boutique and took a photo of a 1960’s vintage dress you wouldn’t put just a single a hashtag in that just said #dress. You might add a few like this: #dress, #vintage dresses, #old dresses, #unique dress . Have a look at popular hashtags and find the exact niche this can fit into as well as some generic terms and you can have hundreds even thousands of people looking at your work. Continue reading »

Successful Instagram Marketing

Instagram MarketingSuccessful Instagram Marketing

You might be surprised to know that some people have actually given up on the big fancy websites and complicated marketing and most of their business now comes directly from Instagram photos they tag and post. In the following discussion we will touch on some simple, yet really effective marketing ideas on the subject of how anyone can use Instagram to grow their business.

One of the Instagram more recent offering to their users was the Instagram badge. You can add them to your personal blog, brand website, or campaign promotions to direct new followers to your Instagram web profile and encourage others to discover and engage with your Instagram content. Now you can promote all kinds of photos at one time. Your account is open to more views and comments. Again, the Instagram badge allows you the opportunity to embed a copied code and place it on your website, social media profile or even a blog. That’s a pretty cool way to promote just about any image you want with the use of a badge. Continue reading »