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Finding Your Profitable Niche (Part 1 of a starter’s series)

Niche-MarketingHow to Find Your Profitable Niche

Here’s a question I hear over and over… how to I find a profitable niche? Sometimes just getting started provides the legs to your vision.

Here is a quick and easy method to get those legs.  You might remember the Mind Map… start by drawing on your blank sheet of paper.

Mind Map niche
Action 1. Explore your own interests, abilities, knowledge, and experiences. Something from these may be a potentially good niche for you. Then process your potential niches through these filters: Continue reading »

Make Amazon Niche Sites Easily Using Amazon WordPress Themes

Amazon ThemeIf you are involved in internet marketing, you have no doubt heard some pretty amazing stories about the opportunities as an Amazon affiliate.  On the other side of the coin, you may have also heard, or may realize that though it is not hard to do, it can be time consuming most especially when adding a lot of links.  Moreover, quite a few folks just never see any results.

I am not normally a fan of Venn diagrams, but in this case I think it can point out a very common problem for those not getting results.Amzon relevance

Some subjects will naturally fit with Amazon better than others. Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to the fact that Amazon is a product related affiliate program – it only works when people buy stuff. If your blog is on a topic that doesn’t have any natural connection to people buying stuff it is going to be a struggle.  The more relevant to your audience the products are that you promote the better chance you’ll have of converting.

In my experience it’s product niche related blogs that tend to do best with Amazon.

  • If you plan to promote iPods on your blog that largely talks about writing techniques then you are unlikely to convert. Rather you would want to consider promoting related books, CDs and DVDs instead.
  • Or, promoting Televisions on your travel blog and you’re unlikely to see many sales – travel books, luggage and other travel related products will do mcuh better.

Most blogs probably have at least some possibilities. Here is another idea…

Make Amazon Niche Sites Easily Using Amazon WordPress Themes

As an affiliate, time is of the essence and often times, using a theme that does not work the way you expect them would be a waste of time and investment. But you need not to deal with the same situation over again because you can now use the Azon WordPress theme.

Using this new and innovative theme for your WordPress blog, you don’t need to spend hours editing any theme only to make it work. It will take you few minutes to install in your blog and once you do, you will be able to build Amazon niche websites easily with just few clicks of the mouse. This way, you can make money with less effort. Basically, this works like pure logical mathematics wherein if you have more niches, then you will be able to make more money as well. Using this new theme, you can create up to three to five sites every day.

You can just imagine the opportunity. In fact, other affiliates who have used this were able to make their dream of earning thousands of dollars come true. So stop wasting your precious time with useless themes.

Most of the top Amazon affiliates have earned large commissions by taking advantage of different powerful website themes. But to gain the same success, you need not to use several of them because the Azon WordPress theme can take care all of these things for you.

This is a powerful theme that is loaded with truly innovative and useful features that you can’t find in any other Amazon WP Theme. Their features include Star Rating, Buy Now Buttons, Review Buttons, Social Sharing, Custom Sidebars, Custom Navigation, Customize Colors, Insert Videos, Top Ad Area, Featured Images, Featured Posts and Beautiful Design. All these features you can obtain when you use this new WordPress theme.

Having a high converting Amazon WordPress niche website has never been this easy. Using this powerful theme for WordPress, you can jump out several niche target websites that are guaranteed to attract traffic, leads and sales right in your very own affiliate cash funnel.


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



Discovering Your Niche

The most common two questions I hear from people new to internet marketing are, “how do I choose a niche market?” and, “what can I sell to that niche?” A niche is essentially a specialized market containing a group of people who share a common interest or quality.

People often get stuck at this point because they either believe they’re going to be married to it forever, or they are afraid it is going to fail and not be profitable. They simply fear making the wrong choice.

You can begin to narrow your decision by first thinking of something that (a) you are familiar with; or (b) something you are not familiar with. There are certainly arguments in favor of and arguments against both sides, but to develop inertia I prefer starting with something that you know and are fervent about. First I look at the possibility of things I like doing and sharing with others. Choosing a niche that you are familiar with has the obvious advantage that you can relate to your market, it will likely be a better product, and your enthusiasm will help sell it. Come up with some category ideas (dog training, iPods, golf, diet, etc.); then consider some delivery ideas (EBooks, audios, videos, workshops, newsletters, DVD’s, webinars, etc.).

Now that you have defined some potential niches that you know something about, two better questions might come to mind.

  • Does the niche I’m thinking of consist of people who are currently buying things online right now?
  • Can I easily contact these online buyers and get them to buy from my web site?

These two questions put choosing your niche market into a more serious perspective.

Each person I know that is successful in their internet marketing enterprise has done it by targeting a particular market tightly. Your niche market will become your area of expertise; an area you’ll specialize in so that you have a better chance of selling to people who want to buy a given item or group of items. You will want to consider that you will likely place ads, write blogs, create web sites and even write articles about your chosen area of business. So, we want to determine to the best of our ability that the niche is a good one prior to investing a great deal of time, energy and money. This involves you doing your homework first because a little research will produce huge returns.

It is worth mentioning that you might also consider developing several products in several niches over time. That diversity offers multiply streams of income and adds stability to your business. For now, let’s start with one and we can duplicate the process.

Keep in mind that people are looking for (and willing to pay for) information or products that with either relieve their pain or increase their pleasure. Here are some key questions:

    • How big is the niche?
    • What people are looking for? What do they want to buy most?
    • How profitable is the niche?
    • Is there potential for backend products?

This can be extensive examination or general research. For our purpose let’s begin with some fundamental research.

A. Take your areas of interest and find popular search terms. If you wanted to buy something online, where would you search and what would you type? Start by accurately pinpointing the traffic number results of any search term. Let’s say “Dog training”: if the numbers are high this is a good indication of a profitable niche. I use Google Trends, SubmitExpress, Wordtracker, and even Google Insights to get keyword traffic popularity.

 B. Now you know which search terms are high ranking, find out what specific products and services people are buying. Go on to ebay or Amazon or Google Trends, enter your search term and write down the top ten listings for each site. You might want to note the paid ads, try Yahoo as well. Are people making bids or leaving reviews on the product you are considering promoting? If it seems people aren’t interested in this market, then they may not be on your website either unless you have a price difference or something better or different to offer your customer. Search Clickbank, probably the largest affiliate sales resource, and look for vendors who are selling products in relevant areas. Write down a list of the top ten products.

C. Look at the lists you’ve written down and you should see a pattern of the most popular products.Remember that although you’ve now found the items that sell most in the niche that pulls a great number of online searches, it stands to reason that you could also face more competition.

This is just an excellent beginning. Spend some time brainstorming and considering the questions: How big is the niche? How competitive? Is it potentially profitable? Is there potential for backend or related products? We will cover some more in-depth refining techniques in another article.

A good niche idea online could be about helping people to find a product or service, or helping people find information, or to find a solution to a problem they may have.


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.

planIf you are not preparing a plan you are preparing to fail.  While we’re on the subject, failure is not a  bad thing.  In fact, you likely want to fail as quickly as possible while you are attempting to succeed with a good plan.

So, we have our vision, we have set some goals and now it is essential to commit those ideas to a plan.  All businesses require a business plan.  A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.

Like any other business, you need to have a business plan for your online business. It includes goal setting, objectives and strategies for attaining them. To set specific goals for your new business, start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Why do I  want to run an Internet Business?
  • Who are my target markets?
  • What kind of product or service are they looking for on the Internet?
  • Do I have the products or services that I can offer to this niche market? If yes,  that’s great. If not, how about creating my own products or better still promote other people’s products and services?
  • Where is the best place to reach my target market?
  • How to get more leads and traffic for Free?
  • How to build relationship with my leads and turn them into repeat customers?

To develop those questions, try the following:

  • Fix in your mind the goal you have set: (from previous posts) see as clearly as you can what things will be like when it has been achieved.
  • Get a pad of Post-It Notes and brainstorm all the outcomes which will need to be achieved in order for the goal to be reached. Write each possible outcome on a separate note.
  • Lay out the notes into a chronological sequence, showing the order in which each outcome would need to be achieved. While doing this, check: (i) That each outcome is absolutely necessary (and remove it if not – don’t make extra work for yourself!) (ii) That there are no outcomes missing (ask: “if all these things happen, will the  goal be achieved?” If the answer is no, then keep brainstorming!).

Begin to narrow it down, what are the key questions?  It might go something like this…

What niche should you look at?  Keep in mind that you want to solve a problem, not sell a product. Find a niche where people are looking for a solution to a specific problem.

What product can you find or develop that will solve the problem– When you are starting out, Clickbank is a good place to find products. They offer good commissions, the products are digital so there is no shipping, and they offer a wide variety of products.

What keyword can you target – This is how your niche will find you. You need a keyword that enough people are searching for each week, but with low competition so that you are able to make your way to the first page of Google. (Google key word search is a good start)

What are your website skills? Do you know HTML, CSS, etc… if not, I recommend using WordPress because it is easy. As you set up your site, make sure to optimize it by using your keyword in the title, description, and several times in the body.

What strategies do you know – Pick two or three of the strategies that you feel you are best at and use them to promote your site. As you get better and faster at these, introduce other strategies as it is always best to have a diverse set of links pointing back at your site.

Plan your weekly routine – Take some time and plan what you will do each day of the week. This will make you much more productive. Make sure to schedule time for learning and researching as that is one of the most important things you will be doing in the beginning.

At a minimum summarize your thoughts in a simple format, it does not need to been complicated since we are not attempting to raise funds or find investors.  You could use a simple format like this:

Name of Business

Vision for Business

Describe target market (our niche)

What will we sell specifically?

What can differentiate us from the competition? What is our unique selling position?)

What are our marketing strategies (viral, SEO, pay for click, etc.)

Goals for building the growing the business (short-term, long-term, deadlines)

Plan of action to achieve goals

You should evaluate your plan monthly – You want your internet business plan to work, right? The best way to do that is to evaluate it after following it for a month. Is it working? What can be improved? Make the changes and try it for another month. Pretty soon, you will have a streamlined operation, allowing you to do more in less time.

A good plan today is better that a perfect plan tomorrow.


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with



Short cuts….short sighted.

ShortsightedAs people search the internet to find the answer to “how can I start my own internet business” the answer they find numerous times are “get rich quick” schemes. Often the new internet marketer sees an ad, buys a product, takes a few steps and finds discouragement. They are starting in the middle.

An internet business or online business is no different than any business. It has to have a beginning point. It has to have goals, milestones, and a business plan. But, even before that, it needs to have a vision. Without vision, your business probably won’t succeed.

I think of vision as being able to “see” a clear picture of your fulfilled goals in your mind. It is like the box cover of a difficult puzzle….you must begin with the end in mind! Almost every success in my life has come after having a vision for it. I saw myself winning a golf tournament; I saw myself winning a race; I saw myself changing the way people could make phone calls. Moreover, the successful business owners I have known all have vision.
It is what I call the 10,000 foot view. You see the big picture, and not the obstacles. You cannot allow obstacles to cloud your vision. If you lose sight of your vision your lose hope. And if you lose hope, it’s game over.

Write, draw or mindmap your vision for your business and bring it to life by employing your senses.
• What will your business look like?
• What will you and others think about your vision?
• How will you and your clients feel?
• What colors do you associate with your vision?

Create a vision whiteboard. Start to collect images from magazines, postcards or downloaded from the internet, that represent aspects of your vision. Piece the story board together and place it somewhere you can look at it regularly…post it where you can see it. Feel free to add to it and keep it fresh as your future unfolds.
Through a visioning process you can get clear on a bigger picture for your business, become passionate and excited about the future and then make that a reality by chunking it down into realistic and achievable goals. (We will discuss that in another post.)

When I consult one of the very first steps the client is asked to undertake from the outset is to define a vision to work towards. Keeping fingers crossed, “going with the flow”, drifting or just letting life happen to you are not effective ways of getting what you really want out of life. I often will tell a client that I can make you famous….but; I need to know what to make you famous for! To my surprise, many times they don’t know.

So often we can lose ourselves in a fog of indecisiveness and confusion that procrastination or surrender takes over from drive and focus. Fear keeps us stuck and our dreams go on hold, perhaps never to see the light of day, rendering regret and dissatisfaction as our destiny.

Having a clear goal is not always about pushing ruthlessly ahead for grand and impressive achievements but sometimes just a quiet knowing what you want, how you’d like to be and why you are doing what you are doing, all attach meaning and purpose to life.

We will talk later about how to move forward step by step, but if you don’t start by getting a vision, added efforts could be somewhat futile.

Dream a bit. If you set your target too low, you may hit it, but there is almost no chance that you will surpass it. Alternatively, if you set your target too high, you may fail, but you will be further along than the low target. So dream!

For now, focus on the big picture. Don’t worry about the details of how you will get there. We will discuss goal setting and business plans in future posts.

“You mean the size of my vision will dictate the size of the result?”


Jerry Duling is a Marketing and Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Social Media advisor. Jerry shows businesses how to use Social Media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Jerry also provides individual resources for the Internet Entrepreneur. Connect with