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Using Pinterest to Market Your Business –for Beginners

imagesUsing Pinterest to Market Your Business –for Beginners

Pinterest happens to be one of the newer social networking sites. It is a visual media site, focusing on images and videos. This site has become more popular throughout the past six to twelve months and many marketers are beginning to make use of this excellent marketing tool. While the site offers many beautiful pictures, there’s more than beauty to this website. Brands and businesses can use it with great marketing results, especially as the site continues to grow. If you’re interested in using Pinterest to market your own business, here are a few top methods for beginners to get you started.

Feature Your Business Name

If you’re going to get involved in Pinterest marketing, it’s important that you feature your business name on your account. This way you get as much exposure as possible. You can put the name of your business on your profile and use it as your username. This way people know what you’re all about. It’s also a good idea to include information on your profile about yourself and your company. Your profile can also include your website URL… so don’t forget to include it. Use these areas to effectively market your business.

Connect with Other Social Networking Sites

Pinterest allows you to connect your account with multiple networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. To enjoy better marketing results, make sure you connect with those other social networking sites. When you link with your other social networking accounts, it can help you to get more followers on Pinterest. Those social media icons that show you’re connected to Twitter and Facebook will also show under your profile picture so Pinterest users can go visit your other social networking accounts as well.

Create Interesting Board Names

When you’re ready to start pinning on Pinterest, you’ll need to create some boards to put your pins on. Make sure that you create interesting board names. Whenever you pin something to a board, people will see your board name as well. Of course, while you want to be as creative as possible, make sure you keep those names reasonably short. You also need to make sure your board name accurately describes the pins on that board so people know what to expect.

Comment and Like

As you’re working to build up a following on Pinterest as a beginner, you can make big progress by taking the time to comment on other people’s pins. You can also like the pins of others. This helps you to engage users on the site. In many cases, when people notice you are liking and commenting on their pins, they may want to start following you, providing you with more followers.

Of course, there’s a lot to learn. If you’re going to start marketing your business on Pinterest, these are just a few basics that will get you started. Make sure you take time to learn more about Pinterest, its benefits for marketers and how to use it for the best results.
You can start learning more about social media marketing with Pinterest here with a Free eBook called Harness the Power of Pinterest. Or, take some time to visit Mastering Pinterest Marketing, where you’ll find some incredible secrets on using Pinterest to drive website traffic and more. No doubt, it’s the information you’ve been looking for.


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Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Pinterest

Pinterest MisstepsPinterest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Most everyone knows by now that Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to post videos and images. These images can be organized into boards that are noted by topic. Many people have realized the incredible potential Pinterest offers as a marketing tool. However, while it offers a great tool, it’s important to avoid misusing this tool and doing more damage than good. If you’re interested in Pinterest marketing, here is a look at some of the top Pinterest marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake  – Spamming

One of the biggest Pinterest marketing mistakes made by new users is spamming. When you begin posting pins on Pinterest, your goal should be to post items that add real value. Your goal is to engage potential customers, not turn them off with spam. Don’t turn your account into a visual classified ad to try to sell your products. This will quickly upset other users and you’ll also have a tough time getting followers when you begin spamming.

Mistake  – Assuming a Picture or Two Will Boost Sales Continue reading »

Benefits Pinterest Offers to Businesses Today

PINTEREST BENEFITSHave you started marketing your business on Pinterest? If not, you definitely need to consider doing so. This sharing website is bringing in millions of unique users every day and continues to be one of the fastest growing social media websites out there. Businesses that aren’t using Pinterest are really missing out on big benefits. Before you decide whether to get started with Pinterest marketing, here are a few of the top benefits this website offers businesses today.

Benefit #1 – Enjoy Increased Traffic – When you begin using Pinterest, one of the benefits you’ll enjoy is an increase in traffic. Pinterest is excellent at driving traffic. When you create your account, you make sure that it is linked to your website. Items you pin to your account will include links to your website as well. As others begin re-pinning your content and liking it, it helps drive even more traffic to your website. Since traffic is so important to a business website, Pinterest can definitely provide a great boost in traffic that will be worth the marketing efforts.

Benefit #2 – Get Targeted Traffic – Not only is it important to drive traffic to your website, but you want to drive targeted traffic. Pinterest can help you begin developing great targeted traffic for your site. You can post your products on the website, along with the price. This way people can go right to your site to buy. People repin and like items that they are really interested in, so that traffic you’re sending to your website will be helpfully targeted for the best results. Continue reading »

SEO and Pinterest – Understand the Benefits Pinterest Offers for SEO

Pinterest -SEOSEO and Pinterest – Understand the Benefits Pinterest Offers for SEO

More than likely, you already have a social media marketing strategy in place. However, within the past year or so, another social networking site has become quite popular. This website is Pinterest and it is continuing to gain momentum. This social photo sharing website has over 10 million users and allows people to categorize graphics, videos and photos. The great thing is that Pinterest offers some great SEO benefits. Many big companies are beginning to use Pinterest because of the following big SEO benefits it offers.

Benefit #1 – Great Backlinks and Referrals

One of the SEO benefits Pinterest offers is great backlinks and referrals. Whenever an image is pinned, it links back to the original source. This offers great backlinks that can also bring in some referral traffic to a website. You can capitalize on this by starting to post service and product photos on Pinterest. Just make sure you avoid blatant self promotion, ensuring that you offer your audience quality and relevant content.

Benefit #2 – Google

Content posted on Pinterest is being indexed and crawled by Google all the time. This means that using Pinterest for marketing will definitely have a positive impact on your SEO rankings. You can make the most of this benefit by making sure that you optimize your comments, pins and descriptions using important keywords. Even file names and pinboards should include important keywords if you want to enjoy the great impact on your website’s SEO rankings.

Benefit #3 –People Search with Pinterest Continue reading »

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Advanced Users

Pinterest TipsPinterest Marketing Tips for Advanced Users

If you’ve been using Pinterest as a marketing tool for some time, you probably already know the basics. You know how to create a good pin and how to create good pinboards. However, there’s a lot more that you can do on Pinterest to enjoy the best marketing results. The following are some helpful Pinterest marketing tips for advanced users that will help you boost your marketing efforts even more.

1 – Start trying to find out what brings you the most comments, likes, repins and referral traffic on Pinterest. This can be done by taking a look at both your site traffic stats and your Pinterest profile. You want to analyze how everything is performing for you. Try doing some testing to find out what times of day and what days of the week seem to provide you with the most audience engagement and the best traffic to your website. This will only help you to hone your Pinterest marketing techniques.

2 – Try letting your followers get involved on your Pinterest account. It can be fun to create some specific boards where your fans can add videos, photos and more. This helps you to engage more with your followers, letting them know that you are a real person. It also helps them feel appreciated and included. It’s easy to create a board and then allow certain people to post on it. This will also help add some diversity to your boards. Continue reading »

Pinterest Basics Every Company Needs to Know

Pinterest basics for businessPinterest Basics Every Company Needs to Know

More than likely, you’ve been hearing quite a bit about Pinterest in the past few months. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should create a profile for your own business.

Making this move is a good idea, since the site is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and you’ll find plenty of opportunities available to businesses. When you’re ready to make this move for your business, the following are some helpful Pinterest basics that every company needs to be on familiar terms with.

Basic 1 –Learn to Promote a Lifestyle

One of the top fundamentals companies need to understand when using Pinterest is to learn how to promote a lifestyle. Instead of simply blasting people with product pictures, it’s important to think outside of the box. Work on creating pins that create the actual lifestyle that your brand has to offer. This type of marketing is more engaging and effective, since it allows consumers to see how your brand will fit with their lifestyle. For example, if you happen to own a restaurant, consider posting appliances used in the kitchen to cook the food. You may want to create a board that focuses on specific types of foods. Humanizing your brand and promoting a lifestyle will help you make the most of Pinterest marketing.

Basic 2 – Use the Information People Give You

When you begin using Pinterest for your company, make sure you use the information that people give you. Users on Pinterest use their boards to organize things they love and appreciate. Start looking at the pinners who are Continue reading »

Pinterest Marketing – Tips for Launching Your Brand Presence

Pinterest Marketing- Precisely.

Pinterest Marketing – Tips for Launching Your Brand Presence

While many marketers are familiar with Pinterest, many have yet to begin getting involved with all this social network has to offer. Pinterest is actually an important marketing tool that brands can use to get their brand presence out there. This website has quickly become one of the best referral traffic sources for many brands and your brand can benefit from this website as well. If you’re interested in using Pinterest marketing to develop your own brand presence, here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

Tip #1 – Reserve Your Name – The first thing you need to do to launch your brand presence on Pinterest is to reserve your name. Sign up and make sure you secure the username that you want. You can easily reserve your name and worry about getting started later. This way you ensure that no one takes the name that you want to use to promote your brand on the website.

Tip #2 – Group Things by Themes – Once you begin pinning, make sure you group things you post together by themes. Each board should have a specific image. You don’t want to create boards that are only a compilation of the products you offer. While it’s find to have some of your products shown on the boards, make sure you mix in plenty of other content that goes along with the boards overall theme as well. Continue reading »