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How to Best Track Your Podcasts

Podcast TrackingTrack Your Podcasts

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing and broadcasting is that you can measure just about everything. When, how, where and what podcast was streamed or downloaded. This measurability gives the producer of the podcast great power, if they know how to get and watch the statistical data for each podcast. To understand what statistics you can get and how they should effect your future podcasts read on.

Some of the common stat-reading mistakes people make when starting off in podcasting are:

Not Getting All the Stats Available:

This is a really simple mistake to identify, if you do not at least track the following stats you are probably making this mistake.

  • Episode Hits.
  • Number of Subscribers.
  • Website Visitors.
  • Feed Streaming.
  • Feed Downloads.
  • Geographical Stats. Continue reading »

The Equation for a Successful Podcast

Podcast MarketingThe Successful Podcast Balance

I’m often asked what makes the podcast successful. People seem to have the idea that it is one of two factors; either the content or the entertainment value. That couldn’t be more wrong. Although the content and the entertainment value are integral part of the perfect podcast creation. The single most important part has to be marketing.

Let me put it this way, with any sort of content or broadcast you put out there the ratio of its success is something like:

Successful Podcast = 20% content + 10% entertainment value + 70% marketing.

Depending on your selected niche or the style/format of your show the equation might shift a little between entertainment value and the content  Entertainment value, in my experience, should never get more importance than the content. But I’ve seen it work for some genres.

The one thing that always stays at 70% of the equation is marketing. In a world where content is king, I would say marketing is the kingdom  And it’s pretty apparent that being a king without a kingdom looks a little bananas. Enough of me telling you how important marketing is to your podcast, let’s move on to the meaty part.

How do you market?

There is no formula I can give you that will tell you exactly how to market and be successful but let me try and I’ll get you as close as possible: Continue reading »

7 Tips for Editing the Prefect Podcast

Podcast Editing7 Tips for Editing the Prefect Podcast

Editing the perfect podcast can be a bit daunting for the technically challenged producers. Don’t worry, most successful podcasters started where you are today. With little to no knowledge about editing the podcast to make it sound professional. It doesn’t have to be daunting though, the software is just there to help you polish your content and make it presentable.

To conquer the editing process you just need to understand a few underlying principles and techniques. Here are 7 tips that would make your editing dilemmas fade away:

Get Organized:

Organization right from the get go will make your editing life a dream. Here is what you should make a habit of doing:

  • Time stamp the audio you record. Just add the take number, episode number and/or time and date of the recording.
  • Start a file naming convention and stick to it. Every time you save a project or an mp3 it should be named in the same convention e.g. date of creation_niche_episode number_topic or any other variation of this you prefer.
  • Archive everything properly. Have dedicated folders and sub-folders for your podcasts. Including related research, session notes, contributor’s materials, interviews, recorded effects, background music options etc.
  • Religiously back-up your files.

The Perfect Zoom Level:

Find the most comfortable zoom level for you. There is no set limit for a zoom in or out but without a zoom level you are comfortable with your editing will suffer. Continue reading »

3 Common Podcast Producing Mistakes

Podcasting3 Common Podcast Producing Mistakes

Podcast production is a relatively simple process especially, if you compare it to other broadcast mediums like T.V, Radio, Film etc. Most podcast producers who suffer a little or lag behind are “technologically challenged” to begin with. There’s no shame in that. There are always people who are great with certain techniques and need a little guidance for other comparatively simple tasks. Its just the way our brain works.

Most podcasters, when starting out without a film, T.V. or audio background make these 3 common mistakes. Read on to find out what these are and how you can and should avoid them.

Recording Space Conundrum:

Choosing the right space or the best area for recording audio can be a bit tricky. More so, because most of us have a false sense of how audio quality is preserved during recording. Here is list you should go through before choosing a space for recording: Continue reading »