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Write An Effective Press Release

Write an Effective Press Release5 Tips To An Effective Press Release

Writing an effective press release is not rocket science. The purpose of a press release is to inform the masses about special promotions offered by a company and announce newsworthy events occurring within a company. Bridging the gap between your business and the media can be simple if you follow the most important tips for writing an effective press release.

What’s In An Effective Press Release

1. Catchy Titles

An eye-catching title will grab the attention of readers. Make sure that your headlines and titles are to the point and clever. Sparking the interests of media centers and reporters with the headline of a press release is crucial in being noticed. While a snappy headline will catch the attention of your intended audience, an effective press release should be informative. Provide readers with a creative hook to captivate readers from the beginning of the press release. Catch their attention in the beginning and keep them hooked.

2. The Five W’s

The first paragraph of a press release should be concise and to the point. Do not ramble on to increase the word count or length of the press release. Keep it straight to the point. The first paragraph should contain information Continue reading »

Creating a Killer Headline For Your Press Release

PressRelease Killer HeadlineCreate an Eye-Catching Killer Headline 

Catching the reader’s attention when issuing a press release is of the utmost importance. The first step is to create an eye-catching headline. What makes a good headline?

Bold action words, tantalizing bits of information, and staying specific, are vital elements of excellent headlines. Remembering this will start you on the path towards the best press release you can write.

Catching the Reader’s Attention

Arguably the most important part of a press release is catching and holding a reader’s attention. Since the headline is the first chance to make that impact, you need to be sure to keep it succinct and informative. Start by Continue reading »

Your PR Strategy – Paid Versus Free Distribution Services

Press Release Free or PaidWhat Type of Distribution Services Should You Use

Press releases have often been used as a marketing strategy for businesses to create a buzz about their business and get people talking. However, what are the most effective online distribution services, free or paid?

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of paid versus free distribution services.


Free Distribution Services

  • If your business has a small or non-existent marketing budget, then free online press release services may be the only way to distribute your press release. If that’s the case, then you need to ensure you are posting your press release on authoritative and reputable sites that have a good Google PageRank, as this shows they could have higher traffic and valuable inbound links. Some of the top ranked free online press release distribution services are PRLog.org, PR.com and prfire.co.uk.
  • Free press release distribution websites are worth using for some businesses because they post press releases to their website which can be viewed and searched by journalists or other media outlets. Free services also allow the press release to appear on their RSS feeds, and should your press release be newsworthy, it could be picked up and distributed further online. But, unfortunately, that’s about all free distribution services do.

Paid Distribution Services

  • Even the basic packages on paid online press release distribution websites offer more services to get your business noticed than free services. For a nominal fee your business can benefit from search engine optimization, your press release being sent to various news and media outlets, and videos, images and links being used to encourage readers to share your press release. The top ranked paid online press release distribution websites include Prweb.com, businesswire.com and PRNewswire.com.
  • There really are not any disadvantages to using a paid distribution service for your business’ online press release. Paid services have many more perks than free services, and although some websites charge a sizeable fee for distributing your press release, if your business has a large marketing budget it is worthwhile to use ranked sites that utilize SEO, social media, backlinking, and have built relationships and networks with news and media outlets.

What Does it all Mean?

Despite generating a small amount of publicity for your company, free online press release distribution services unfortunately cannot compete with the paid distribution services available online. It really depends on what you want to achieve by distributing press releases. If you simply want to publish your press release to increase your chances of being found by search engines and a few journalists then using free distribution services might be useful. However, using free services may mean sacrificing invaluable SEO and conversion features that guarantee more traffic to your website and more promotion for your business.

If you would like some additional information that enables you to inject an instant torrent of traffic into your business for increased sales and profits there is a first-rate Free report you can download at Press Release POWERIf that wets your appetite, give Press Release Traffic Torrent a try.  It is a “paint by numbers” blueprint for an instant blast of traffic from simple press releases.


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How To Write A Press Release

Press ReleaseWriting a proper press release for increased traffic

For many years, the publication of a press release has been an essential tool in sharing newsworthy events through newspapers, radio and television. However, in today’s day and age, the use of email and the Internet has become extremely popular and has also led to the boom of social media. Although this has made it far more easy to get your message across, the increase in resources available has also made it far more of a challenge to get your release noticed on a large scale. The solution is, quite simply, to ensure that the quality of your press release stands out from the crowd.

An important thing to remember when putting pen to paper is that, no matter what subject you will be addressing, the format of the release should always fit a standard expectation. Although the message may be the same, it is crucial to understand that there are certain qualities the reader will expect as standard. Continue reading »