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Why Nobody Likes Your (Written) Blog

VlogWhy Nobody Likes Your Blog

As is evidenced by the massive amount of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, Internet users have become more engaged by video than ever before. And while YouTube was launched in 2004, it did not explode in popularity until some time after 2008. The main reason for this was because most computers were not fast enough to keep up with live video; it demanded too many of the computers resources. This, in turn, made video playback a painful process. Videos were slow to load and the quality was rarely very good.

Fast forward a few years and things have changed dramatically. All but the cheapest computers on the market have processing chips capable of handling high-definition video. More importantly, virtually everyone has access to high-speed Internet, which is equally important to consuming high quality video content. As technology has shifted, the combination of powerful chips and high-speed Internet has led web surfers to consume more and more video content than ever before. And regardless of whether you think this is a good or bad thing, the increase in video consumption has led to a decrease in text consumption. Continue reading »

Maximize Your Vlog Content

vBLOGGet the most out of your Vlog

While blogs have existed for years, dedicated video blogs (vlogs) are a relatively new phenomenon. And with over 100 highly active video portals on the web, there are a wide variety of places you can get exposure for your vlog. With that said, simply creating content and posting it to the web is not enough these days. With more and more video content producers competing for people’s attention, you need to do everything possible to ensure your videos get maximum exposure.

How can you get the most out of your vlog? To truly maximize your video blogging efforts, you need to:

a) produce content that will draw an audience and,
b) ensure your videos get as many people watching them as possible.

We will touch on both of these topics below.

Creating an Audience

Building an audience around a video blog is a somewhat new task. While there are some pioneers in the industry, mass adoption of high-speed Internet has made this a relatively wide open field for bloggers looking to build a community using video. And while consumption preferences have shifted in recent years (from text to video), business and entertainment fundamentals remain the same. Continue reading »

Building Your Vlog Audience

Vlog ProfitHow to Build a Vlog Audience

One of the most difficult aspects of becoming a paid blogger is building an audience.  While anyone who knows their way around a computer can create a Vlog and enter posts, building an audience requires that you provide value.  It also requires that you engage in extensive promotion to get your content in front of people who will be interested in what you have to say.  It is for this reason most bloggers fail.  It is not because blogging is hard; it is because promoting a Vlog requires a tremendous amount of effort.

With that said, those of you who provide value to your audience will have a much easier time.  While there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there all vying for people’s attention, the number of blogs that actually provide value to their readers are few and far between.  Given this, the easiest way to make your Vlog stand out is to provide value.  Assuming you are doing this, your second priority is to promote your Vlog as much as possible.

Many professional bloggers recommend a 30/70 ratio.  Spend 30% of your time creating your blog posts and 70% of your time promoting them.  This means that if you spend 3 hours creating a post (which is not unreasonable if you are truly creating a post that provides value), you should spend 7 hours promoting it.  How do you promote a Vlog you might ask?  There are many ways to promote a Vlog, but for the sake of brevity we will focus on the methods that typically have the largest impact. Continue reading »

Vlog- with or without Editing

video copyDo You Need Video Editing Software?

Taking on a new project can be intimidating.  There are unexpected costs, questions surrounding how much time it will take, and the inevitable possibility of failure.  This process of entering into the unknown causes many of us to doubt what we are capable of.  Further, our doubt causes us to hold back when we should be going full steam ahead.  This includes putting our full effort into something psychologically, emotionally and financially.  Starting a video blog for the purpose of online marketing is no different.

You have competition to go up against, equipment to buy, and search engines to optimize for.  We know the process can be difficult, and hope to shed light on a thorny subject many beginning video bloggers come across.  The issue of investing in video editing software is a difficult one.  On the one hand, you do not need it to get your video blog started.  On the other hand, anyone who has tried recording a video without making any mistakes knows that it can take dozens and dozens of attempts before you get it right.

The issue here becomes one of time management.  One of the biggest benefits of having video editing software is that you do not have to record every video perfectly to get the job done right.  If you are recording a 90 second video, and keep getting to the 75 second mark before making a mistake, it could take a long time before you get it right.  Further, making repeated mistakes can lead to frustration.  It is for this reason many beginners consider video blogging to be more difficult than regular blogging: with text you can make an unlimited amount of mistakes and simply correct them on the spot; with video you cannot. Continue reading »