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Answer Your Way To Success

YAHOOANSWERSCommunicate Your Way To Success On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers has become like the new Wikipedia on the Internet. It is also one of the biggest information sharing communities in the world.  Yahoo Answers receives around 50 million visits every day.  In the USA alone there are over 20 million users (old numbers) and billions of questions have been answered worldwide.   It doesn’t matter what kind of question you ask there is usually someone who will answer. Everyone knows a little bit about something. Each of us has different knowledge base and Yahoo Answers knows this. Continue reading »

Use Yahoo Answers – Three Steps to Success

Yahoo AnswersThree Steps To Success – When You Use Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a truly powerful platform that most businesses are not aware of. If you follow these three simple steps you will be able to generate leads, increase traffic and even build a responsive mailing list, all for free and with as little as half an hour of your time each day.

Joining Yahoo Answers may be one of the best marketing decisions that you ever make. Not only is it free to use but is one of the best ways to connect with people in your niche and learn from them and also help them. Part of the process of helping these people is to “educate them into” wanting your products and services. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Join yahoo answers and begin answering questions for people that will relate directly to your products and services.
  2. Develop a positive relationship with these people and provide quality answers that truly solve Continue reading »

Don’t Get Banned On Yahoo Answers

YahooAnswersBannedDon’t Get Banned On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers if used properly can be one of the best sources to improve traffic to any website. The problem is most people do not know how to grow and maintain their account on Yahoo Answers without getting banned. Here’s how to avoid this and become respected in the Yahoo community.

First and foremost Yahoo Answers is a question and answer forum. If you are improving on Yahoo Answers, gaining points, having your answers chosen as the best answer, then you’re doing exactly what you should be and will gain quickly in prominence. As with any forum, there will always be rules that need to be followed if you wish to be recognized as someone to be taken seriously. This is the main focus of yahoo answers and becoming a well-respected answer giver should be your goal.

You cannot go to Yahoo Answers write in a bunch of comments to different questions, attach a link to your website and expect people to NOT see this as spamming. Since people are able to vote on the answers that you give, your answers must be specific and targeted to deliver the exact answer people are looking for, or you will not receive the attention that you need to eventually build a large flow of traffic. Anyone can report the answers that you give or flag it as spam so the answers you give must take this into consideration. Continue reading »

Become A Respected Expert In Multiple Fields Using Avatar Branding In Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers AvatarBecome A Respected Expert In Multiple Fields Using Avatar Branding In Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers understands that most people have a variety of life experiences. That’s the great thing about this platform; not only does it allow you to help other people with their questions, but you can become “branded” an expert in multiple fields. How can you do this?

Have you seen any of those cool looking avatars that Yahoo has? I’m talking about the ones that have the blinking eyes, hundreds of facial features, different hair, different eyes and a selection of all kinds of clothing. You can dress them up to look like a pirate, a doctor, a cool DJ, or just about anything else that your imagination can come up with. One avatar can be a cook; another can be a teacher, an astronaut and even a basketball player. The sky is the limit!

The great thing about using these kinds of characters is that it works well with Yahoo Answers and if you’re not using them you’re really missing the whole web 2.0 power play; avatars project an image and that is exactly how you can help to dominate your niche is a top contributor. Continue reading »

Got A Question For Me On Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo AnswersGot A Question For Me On Yahoo Answers?

There is perhaps no greater attraction than someone who asks a question. It is in our human nature to want to answer questions or least be challenged by them, trying to find the correct answer. Because of the psychology behind giving correct answers to people you will be amazed at how this can supercharge your business.

This is the foundation behind Yahoo Answers that all people that are looking to grow their business should become aware of.

The more questions you answer on Yahoo Answers the more authority on the forum you will have. You may find your E-mail box start filling up with questions, commentary from other people in the same niche or asking for your thoughts. All of this will eventually lead to people checking out your website, your links and using you to help them improve the quality of their lives as they began to engage your business and services.

People that end up in this position of authority and respect also learn how to tap this to generate leads for their business. Some of the top people in news media, publishing, service providers just about any niche you can imagine stumbled across this powerful secret; answering questions builds trust and authority and allows you to demonstrate your skill which further offers opportunity to make money.

To any business owner who answers questions, this also means more traffic to their website along with an ongoing source of leads. You might be asking yourself how this is possible by answering a few questions on Yahoo Answers? Continue reading »

Becoming An Authority Means Boatloads Of Traffic –Here’s How To Power Your Yahoo Answers

Yahoo AnswersBecoming An Authority Means Boatloads Of Traffic –Here’s How To Power Your Yahoo Answers

Business owners are always looking for ways to bring more traffic to their websites. Using Yahoo Answers can become an excellent traffic source once you understand the ins and outs, exactly how to utilize and then dominate this amazing and powerful platform. Before you realize it, traffic can be flowing into all of your marketing lists and you can do so efficiently and by only having to devote time once to every major answer that your niche is looking for, once you master the learning curve.

Of course like anything new, you may need some extra help in how to respond to Yahoo Answers correctly. Knowing how to deliver answers efficiently will also allow you to build more and more traffic. With that in mind let me offer you a couple of suggestions that can save you time, direct your answers correctly and make you a hero in the community.

The answers is that you give on Yahoo must be thought out and intelligent. A simple yes or no answer will not suffice, nor will it encourage Yahoo to send you more traffic that you can build upon.

The point here is not just to answer a question, but to also be an authority in your field to the person who really needs your answer. People who are reading your answers also grade them. If your answer is a good one they will mark it as such and your points will increase. The more points you have the more respect you will earn and the more questions Yahoo will allow you to answer. More questions become more traffic to your website. Over time people will see you as the authority they need an answer to. Continue reading »

A Yahoo Email Account Can Be The Answer To More Business

Yahoo AnswersA Yahoo Email Account Can Be The Answer To More Business

Do you currently have a Yahoo E-mail address? We ask this question because there is something very special about Yahoo many people may not have considered before. Yahoo has one of the biggest international forums called “Yahoo Answers”. Every day millions of people around the world use this forum to ask questions, get answers, do research and discover just about everything they wanted to know about any niche that currently exists.

If you do have a Yahoo E-mail or have never considered looking at the Yahoo Answer forums, then here’s why you should.

You might be a small business owner who would like to see some more traffic. You might need to build a large and highly targeted mailing list. You might be surprised how Yahoo Answers is communicating to people worldwide and solving their problems every day, problems that your business can resolve for these people as well, especially if you know what questions to answer.

It’s easy to sign up for an account. You can choose to use your real name or a profile name for the E-mail. If you want to sign into Yahoo Answers you can choose to use another alternative name for the forums. A lot of people like this and choose to be known by their field of expertise. For instance if you are a gardener trying to get more traffic to your website, you might want to answer some of those questions in Yahoo’s Answers as “Green Thumb Andy.” Make sure that when you sign up to the forums, you have a cool looking avatar to go with your name, because that’s free on Yahoo as well. Yahoo has its own avatar service and you can choose to have a great looking character. Now add this to your profile name, go through the categories until you find your target niche.

Start answering some of the questions that are easy at first and then tackle the more difficult ones. It’s okay to add a link into your comments in the resource box if the link answers the question. It’s not okay to try to make quick affiliate sales to people with it. There is the right way of doing things and Yahoo expects us all to follow their rules. It is their house we have to play nice otherwise we get banned. Continue reading »